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Best Blogs About Light Up Solar Buoys

Best Blogs About Light Up Solar Buoys

Posted by Dunn Rite on Mar 4th 2021

Light up solar buoys are the newest addition to the Dunn Rite line this year and we have enjoyed seeing all of the uses you all have shared with us as well. Here is a compilation of all of our best blogs on our solar light up buoys

Why Use Solar Light Up Buoys?

There are situations in which established norms and guides should be followed, and the Aqua Lantern solar light up buoy is designed to fit in nicely when appropriate. At the same time, they’re versatile enough to easily be adapted to your circumstances, style, and goals. We’re pretty sure we haven’t even thought of all the potential uses yet. Check out our blog on why you should use a solar light up buoy.

Solar Light Up Buoys For Your Lake Home

The Aqua Lantern solar light up buoy won't replace proper safety and attention around the water. What it can do is make your decisions clear and easy to recognize in almost any situation, supplementing your efforts with an attractive twist. With a great shoreline comes great responsibility – why not shoulder it as colorfully and clearly as possible? If you have a lake home, then check out our blog on solar light up buoys for your lake home

A History Of Buoys

The history of buoys is an interesting topic to research, they date back to the end of the 13th century. In our blog on the history of buoys, we went back in time and then researched through to the current technology using solar power to light up buoys making them easier to see any time of day or night.

Who Needs A Solar Light Up Buoy

Who needs a solar light-up buoy? Well, if it’s up to us, the answer would be EVERYONE! Commercial fishing companies, marinas, private docks, neighborhood associations, watersports, parks and lakes management, boating enthusiasts, seafood restaurants, dentists, pre-school teachers, audiophiles – let’s get creative with it, shall we? In our minds, it’s hard to imagine a home anywhere in the world that wouldn’t benefit from a few Aqua Lanterns sitting around, no matter how far away the nearest water source might be!

Basic Water Safety on Lakes & Rivers

Look no further than our solar light-up buoys for optimum aquatic safety, from lakes and rivers to bays and beachfront nearshore waters! Check out our blog about basic water safety and solar light up buoys

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