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Basic Water Safety on Lakes & Rivers

Basic Water Safety on Lakes & Rivers

Posted by Dunn Rite on Feb 26th 2021

From piers and docks to floating swim platforms, floating trampolines, and a nice, cordoned-off swimming area, we humans put a wide variety of structures to use when getting our waterside or on-the-water recreation on. Making water structures as visible as possible is a fundamental safety measure.

That’s true on account of the risk of collisions between these structures and boats and other vessels, and also because safe water recreation—whether swimming, fishing, paddling, or anything else—depends, partly, on staying safety oriented.

Here at Dunn-Rite, where the name of the game is aquatic fun—and safe aquatic fun, to be exact—we offer a fine floating aid that can highlight any number of water-based structures and areas (and offer a  mooring solar buoy, too): our solar light-up buoys!

The Importance of Light Up Buoys in Water Safety

For hundreds—likely thousands, really—of years, the floating markers called buoys have provided essential navigational and safety services all around the world. A bit less flashy, if you will than lighthouses, buoys have nonetheless proved themselves as just-as-essential maritime (and freshwater) aids: steering vessels safely into the harbor or marking such varied hazards as shallows, shoals, docks, and pilings.

Early buoys were little more than pieces of floating wood or, a bit later down the technological road, casks and barrels anchored via rope or chain to an anchor of some kind. Such buoys served as daymarks, only useful when the light of day allowed a sailor to clap eyes on them.

The utility of a buoy cranks way up if the object can be easily seen at low light or under cover of full darkness. Early innovations to make buoys more noticeable, one way or another, including auditory technology such as bells, whistles, and foghorns. Lighting up a buoy was another line of tinkering that involved everything from compressed-gas flares to electrically outfitted lantern-rigged buoys powered by underwater cables. Nowadays, many illuminated buoys tap into solar energy for their power source—our solar light up buoys are a case in point!

The Solar Light Up Buoy: Boosting Visibility

A perfect example of a modern, user-friendly, widely applicable buoy, the solar light up buoy called the Aqua Lantern majorly enhances the visibility of a wide range of shoreline and aquatic structures—from floating trampolines to fishing piers. Having kids playing in the water increases the risk of accidents with boats. A solar light up buoy can help to alert boaters to have a watchful eye on the area. 

These 20-by-20-inch plastic solar light up buoys—which come in a broad spectrum of colors, including  greenorangeredyellow, and white—boast a bell shape that supports their vertical buoyancy even in quite rough waters.

Their solar light engine, secure in a watertight housing, taps into the sunlight to juice up 1.2V rechargeable batteries, which, in turn, power five bright LEDs after-hours. The Aqua Lantern’s glow can be seen from as far off as a nautical half mile. The solar light engine’s built-in photocell shuts the lights off come daytime when the Aqua Lantern serves as a straightforward, unlit marker buoy.

Besides marking off your swimming area or clueing in the daytime or nighttime boaters to your diving dock, your water trampoline, or any number of other recreational structures, our  solar light up buoys can also be used to mark shallow waters, rock piles, and other potential navigational hazards. (And heads up: We also offer a striped light up  Mooring Buoy.) They’re versatile and rugged, and they provide long-lasting service: The LEDs can operate for up to 100,000 hours—20 years or so—and the rechargeable batteries will do their work for upwards of two hours.

Look no further than our solar light-up buoys for optimum aquatic safety, from lakes and rivers to bays and beachfront nearshore waters!

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