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Offering the best in pool accessories and water sports gear, Dunn-Rite’s third-generation family owned business strives to be number one in their market. Located in Elmwood, Indiana, they carry ‘Made in America’ products such as: pool volleyball and pool basketball units are manufactured meeting high quality standards. While foreign competitors may offer similar options, their quality, workplace and environmental regulations remain unknown. When you purchase from Dunn-Rite, we guarantee each item is manufactured and distributed within the U.S.

In addition to promising our customers long-lasting value, Dunn-Rite promotes American-made merchandise for many beneficial reasons. Most importantly, we continue to advocate safe working conditions as well as supporting the domestic economy. In return, Dunn-Rite Our continued efforts to advocate safe conditions for qualified workers.  and decrease an environmental impact. Also, rest assured knowing each purchase ‘Made in the USA’ will lower emissions and lessen your carbon footprint. Make the right choice with Dunn-Rite as your feel-good destination for top-of-the-line pool accessories and water sports solutions.


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