Dunn Rite Products has a long history of innovative products developed to be of the highest quality. Dunn Rite Products is a third generation family owned company located in Elwood, Indiana. Since 1983 Dunnrite has been developing new products for water lovers of all ages, ranging from salt friendly pool basketball units, volleyball units, and remote control boats and skimmers. We have recently developed a new self-watering planter that can go up to 10 weeks without watering!

Some of our more popular items include the PoolSport basketball unit, Hyrdo-Net pool skimmer, AquaVolly and state of the art deck mounted Regulation and Junior clear hoop. We make sure all of our products are truly Dunn Rite!

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Do we sell parts?

Yes, we sell individual all parts for all units. You only have to purchase what is needed to get your original unit back to playing condition!

Do all units come with basketball or volley ball?

Yes, all units come with one ball per unit.

How far back anchors to be are installed for deck units games?

Install anchor 6” to 16” back away from water edge. Always make sure the bolt is perpendicular from water. This way the post notch line up with the pattern inside of the anchor.

Why doesn’t my Pool Racer remote control boat work?

Always remember these units have to be in the water to run.

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