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Why Use Solar Light Up Buoys?

Why Use Solar Light Up Buoys?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jan 22nd 2021

Sometimes the best ideas are also the most colorful.

If you run a commercial marina, manage a resort area, or simply have a home along the river or lake, you know that the joys of being out on the water come with practical safety concerns. Boaters need to be alerted to potential dangers below the surface or directed to the proper docks or mooring options. Swimmers need functional boundaries marking safe areas while still allowing easy passage for bodies or crafts. Sometimes it’s merely a matter of making things easy to see at a distance, in bad weather, or after dark.

Sure, you can post various signs and mount spotlights, and take other brash steps to communicate with patrons. It’s a necessary intrusion on most maritime experiences. The most bucolic scenery in the world doesn’t justify drifting into the wrong waters or ripping open the bottom of your craft. Still, it would sure be nice to minimize that intrusion without sacrificing clarity or safety. It would be even better if some of these essential guides and warnings actually complimented their surroundings’ aesthetics instead of merely interrupting them.

As long as we’re all idealistic about it, why not ask them to work in the dark just as well as they do in the light, all without requiring an extension cord a mile-and-a-half long?

Best solar powered light up Buoys

Solar Light Up Buoys Light Up My Lake

The Aqua Lantern Solar Buoy is the product of four decades of water-use innovation from the Dunn Rite family. Our buoys come in multiple bright colors and measure 20” high and 20” in diameter for easy visibility. The unique bell shape keeps them vertical in the water, even in unpleasant conditions. 21st-century solar technology allows full charge with only four hours of full sunlight a day and powers a glow visible up to half of a nautical mile away for up to 20 hours at a time.

Solar powered light up buoys are also rather pretty.

The Aqua Lantern Solar Buoy strikes the perfect balance between standing out clearly and fitting in comfortably. There’s no overlooking them or mistaking them for natural features or some other element of the background. Their shape and colors grab the eyes and guide the mind to whatever message you’ve chosen to reinforce.

Show Me The Way With a Solar Light Up Buoy

Easily mark the limits of where swimmers or boating is allowed or warn of submerged dangers. Indicate different docking areas by color or offer mooring options near prime fishing or other choice spots. You can still have your signage and prioritize safety, but the Aqua Lantern allows you to place reminders and guides anywhere you choose without the need to clutter up the area with unpleasant visuals. Because they’re relatively compact and affordable (compared to, say, a bulletin board or one of those airplanes with a sign behind it), you can use them in more places, more often – improving both safety and communication.

If you have a purely recreational area, young people have always done better with colors than excessive texts. Solar buoys are non-intrusive and durable, easily marking different types of water activities, indicating age-appropriateness, or simply creating a “map” to follow for your treasure hunt, race, or other competitive fun. They provide plenty of light for easy guidance in a residential area without intruding through anyone’s curtains or shutters. Honestly, we find watching them out on the water rather soothing, even when they’re not being used to indicate, well… anything.

What You’ve Been A-Missin’? Solar Light Up Buoys!

There are situations in which established norms and guides should be followed, and the Aqua Lantern solar light up buoy is designed to fit in nicely when appropriate. At the same time, they’re versatile enough to easily be adapted to your circumstances, style, and goals. We’re pretty sure we haven’t even thought of all the potential uses yet.

Dunn Rite has been making a splash on the aquatic sports and recreation industry for over a generation, combining fun, innovation, and quality. The Aqua Lantern Solar Buoy is no exception, it's designed to dazzle and designed to last – but most of all, they’re designed to work. The only question is, how would they best work for you?

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