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Solar Light Up Buoys For Your Lake Home

Solar Light Up Buoys For Your Lake Home

Posted by Dunn Rite on Feb 5th 2021

There's nothing like a home on the water. Whether it's a lake, along the river, or even on the ocean shore, the ready access to recreation, the fantastic view, even the calming sounds of the water itself make the experience impossible to duplicate anywhere else.

Of course, the trick is managing the practical aspects of a waterfront home without sacrificing the aesthetics – or your sanity. For example, if you have a dock, you've had to learn some hard lessons about maintaining and protecting the wood while navigating whatever state or local regulations happen to apply in your area. Or you may have discovered that your little stretch of shore acts as a natural magnet for all sorts of miscellaneous debris or weird-looking algae – which somehow never troubles the house next door.

Most of all, while it's nice having company over or hosting small events, you always have liability in the back of your mind. Every group, however small, seems to have at least one person convinced they're a natural skipper or a professional stunt diver. While you try not to be rude, you have a better perspective on what's a good idea and what's not.

Solar Light Up Buoys: Clear Colorful Communication

There's simply no substitute for proper maintenance, good habits, and clear rules. That doesn't mean, however, that the results have to be complicated or unattractive. It's possible to highlight, delineate, or prohibit clearly and consistently while making your dock or shore area even more aesthetically appealing than it already is.

The Aqua Lantern is a solar light up buoy that combines form, function, and durability in a way only Dunn Rite can. The solar light up buoy comes in a variety of colors, each easily distinguishable at a distance in almost any conditions, day or night. The solar light up buoy is 20" high and 20" in diameter. It uses a unique "Bell Shape" design to keep it vertical – and visible – in the water even in unpleasant conditions.

Self-Sustaining Versatility With Solar Light Up Buoys

You don't have to do anything to transition from daytime to night or from darkness to light – the built-in photocell gages the light available and turns the internal LEDs on or off as necessary. The Aqua Lantern fully recharges itself in about four hours of full sunlight a day and will maintain strong illumination for up to twenty hours at a time. The rechargeable batteries last up to two years, while the internal LEDs will easily operate without requiring regular maintenance or adjustment.

This means you can use your Aqua Lanterns to help guide watercraft in or out of dock at night or in poor visual conditions. If you have multiple docks, you can color code for easy recognition. Select a different color to mark the safest swimming areas' boundaries, create extended aquatic "property lines," or warn of submerged dangers or inconveniences. They're perfect for neighborhood associations or informally shared water areas, clearly marking where it's safe to dive, where motors are permitted, or whatever else you determine is important or useful. You make the rules and set the priorities; the Aqua Lantern makes it easier to highlight and enforce your decisions.

Solar Light Up Buoys: Innovative Illumination

Safety is the top priority, but the aesthetics of the Aqua Lantern are a nice bonus. The unmistakable colors and glow are attention-grabbers by design (a warning or reminder that blends into the background isn't much of a warning or reminder!) However, at night or on those dreary, drizzling days, they add a warm, attractive touch to their surroundings. Easily visible from a distance, they draw the eye of (no doubt jealous) neighbors far across the way or make it easy to identify your section of the waterfront. Without actually projecting undesired light, they nevertheless help the area "feel" lit up and alluring.

The Aqua Lantern solar light up buoy won't replace proper safety and attention around the water. What it can do is make your decisions clear and easy to recognize in almost any situation, supplementing your efforts with an attractive twist. With a great shoreline comes great responsibility – why not shoulder it as colorfully and clearly as possible?

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