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Who Needs A Solar Light Up Buoy

Who Needs A Solar Light Up Buoy

Posted by Dunn Rite on Feb 19th 2021

Who needs a solar light-up buoy? Well, if it’s up to us, the answer would be EVERYONE! Commercial fishing companies, marinas, private docks, neighborhood associations, watersports, parks and lakes management, boating enthusiasts, seafood restaurants, dentists, pre-school teachers, audiophiles – let’s get creative with it, shall we? In our minds, it’s hard to imagine a home anywhere in the world that wouldn’t benefit from a few Aqua Lanterns sitting around, no matter how far away the nearest water source might be!

Of course, we may be a bit biased on this one. Maybe it would be best to focus on scenarios where it actually makes sense to use reliable solar light-up buoys – even for nice, sensible folks. That said, if you have a home you decorate for the holidays, the solar light-up buoys make incredible holiday decorations!

Solar Buoy - Mooring

Solar Light Up Buoys For Marinas, Docks, Piers, Slips, or Landings

It’s always fun starting the next argument about whether something is a “wharf” or a “quay,” etc. What’s not fun is trying to figure out the best way to direct traffic in and out of any dock or mooring area, whether large or small, light or dim, calm or agitated. The right combination of solar light-up buoys can help guide vessels in and out of any number of mooring or landing areas. The varied colors, ample size and brightness, and reliable performance dramatically reduce potential problems and bring clarity and confidence to watercraft logistics.

Solar Light Up Buoys For Public Lakes or Parks

You can always tell a public space by the number of signs posted and the excessive text packed onto each one. Hey, we get it – you can’t safely assume anything when it comes to the general public, so you at least have to try to explain the rules and guidelines as clearly as possible.

Imagine supporting those rules and guidelines with the unmistakable presence of color-coded Aqua Lantern solar light-up buoys. What’s that line of green lanterns there? Oh, that’s where it’s safe to swim during park hours. Hey, those orange lights really catch your attention! Yeah, that’s because it’s a bad idea to take your canoe or raft into that area. Is fishing allowed here? Look for the yellow solar lanterns – didn’t you read the sign? How can I get back to where I set up camp? Oh, that’s right – look for the bright white buoys with location info posted nearby.

The specifics are up to you. The Aqua Lantern simply reinforces your messages and rules in aesthetically pleasing but unmistakably clear ways.

Solar Light Up Buoys For Special Events

If there’s a river or lake nearby, chances are, the water is used for special events throughout the year. Races, exhibitions, fireworks, concerts, crazy boat competitions, etc. These are times when people who aren’t always on the water or even in the area will gather in large numbers and try to figure out where they’re supposed to be and what’s allowed.

A few simple color codes can reduce confusion and increase everyone’s comfort, enjoyment, and safety. Perhaps the yellow light-up buoys mark the race’s course, while the green buoys indicate where the wacky local boats will be showing off before the main action. You could use orange to tell visitors they’re close to concessions and restrooms, while red indicates dangerous waters and a no-go zone for the day. The Aqua Lantern can be easily anchored in place for the event’s duration, then stored or moved to the next location with minimal effort. Its 20” height and unique shape mean it stays clear and upright in almost any conditions, and it’s easily visible at a distance during the brightest part of the day or on the dimmest nights. They’re impossible to miss or ignore while at the same time complementing their surroundings.

Solar Light Up Buoys For Homeowners On The Water

Whether you're guiding a yacht or a paddleboat in and out of the dock or simply marking safe areas to swim or play at different times of the year, the Aqua Lantern solar light-up buoy gives you increased safety and flexibility while adding a pleasant visual touch to your property. The long-lasting LED lighting won’t intrude on neighbors or distract you from the scenery, but it’s impossible to miss them when it matters most. The Aqua Lantern provides just the right amount of illumination for a romantic late-night dip or to safely guide you home when you weren’t able to resist a few more casts before packing up and calling it a night.

Choose the combination of colors and placements that work best for you – and if circumstances change, the Aqua Lantern can change with them.

You Tell Us How You Use Your Solar Light Up Buoys

Where do YOU use your Aqua Lantern solar light-up buoys? We’d love to hear what’s worked for you and see your pictures of the Aqua Lantern in action. That’s the whole point – we provide the creativity, reliability, and versatility, and you decide how it all works best for you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, let us know – we’d love to help.

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