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Top Workouts On Your Inflatable SUP

Top Workouts On Your Inflatable SUP

Posted by Dunn Rite on Mar 12th 2021

SUP workouts are gaining in popularity across the United States and beyond. The possibilities for SUP workouts seem to be endless. Here are some of our favorite blogs we've written on SUP workouts and how you can get the most out of your stand up paddleboard. 

For those looking to get an awesome workout while also enjoying the open water, one of the top options to try is called stand-up paddle boarding or SUPs. When looking at options for SUPs, they come in all shapes and sizes. There are inflatable paddle boards, solid or traditional paddleboards, and SUPs designed for children or beginners. One of the advantages of an inflatable paddleboard is that it can also provide people with an exceptional SUP workout. 

What Muscles Does Paddleboarding Work?

Stand up paddleboarding can be a relaxing and fun activity that mostly anyone can do and it's also a great workout. People of all sizes, shapes and ages can make stand up paddleboarding a fun fitness activity. It's not only a complete body workout but is also a low-impact exercise that requires and helps build a combination of endurance, strength and balance. Read our blog on What Muscles Paddleboarding Works

SUP Yoga

From beginners to experts, SUP yoga is an amazing way to get a workout in while enjoying the water and the outdoors. We have a few blogs for SUP yoga that will help you to either start out or take your SUP yoga to the next level. 

For those who would like to add in a new twist to their SUP workout, yoga is a great addition. Even as a beginner to SUP, yoga is an option. Why not try to learn two new activities at once? There are a handful of great poses that even SUP yoga beginners can enjoy. 

So, once you have the right inflatable SUP, it's time to take on a few more challenging SUP yoga poses. There are a few advanced SUP yoga poses that you might want to try.

SUP Surfing

If you are thinking about taking up the great sport of SUP surfing, then you need to keep a few essential tips in mind. The good news is that pretty much anyone can take up this sport as long as they are committed to the challenge! You should also check out our blog on SUP surfing tips and tricks

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