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SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

Posted by Dunn Rite on Aug 7th 2020

If you are looking to get the most out of your inflatable stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) experience, then you have probably heard about SUP yoga. Once you get comfortable with the basics of SUP yoga, you might be looking for ways to increase the challenge. Of course, in order to challenge yourself with SUP yoga, you need to have the right equipment. This is where an inflatable SUP can be helpful. An inflatable SUP is a little bit wider than most other SUP options. This means that you have more room to try advanced SUP yoga poses.

So, once you have the right inflatable paddleboard, it's time to take on a few more challenging SUP yoga poses. There are a few advanced SUP yoga poses that you might want to try.

SUP Yoga:The Forward Bend

While this might sound like a straightforward SUP yoga pose, it takes a lot of core strength and balance to pull this pose off correctly.

To complete this pose, start in the middle of the board. Place your feet in the center. Then, place your hands together. Inhale, then sweep your arms in and up. Your fingers should be interlaced above you.

Once your fingers are in place above you, exhale. As you breathe out, bow forward. Finally place your palms on the board in front of you, using a forward bend. This should expand your chest and work your car as you lean forward. Keep your feet firm on the board as you complete this pose to prevent it from shifting beneath your feet.

SUP Yoga: Side Angle and Warrior Two Pose

This is a popular advanced yoga pose that is made that much harder in SUP yoga. Start by standing in the middle of your board. Then, step your left foot all the way back. As you do this, your right knee should naturally form a 90-degree angle. Ensure that your left foot is perpendicular to your right foot. Then, take your right hand and place it diagonally on the ground. You should be able to use your right shoulder to stabilize your knee in the process. While this happens, extend your left arm and point it to the sky. Breathe in at your hips and focus your energy in the hamstrings. This is a pose that will work almost your entire body.

Finally, once you have held this position for a few seconds, inhale and raise up into the classic Warrior 2 position.

SUP Yoga: Advanced Downward Facing Dog

This position starts with you seated on your board. Your ships should be low. Your arms should be extended out. From this position, take a few, deep breaths. Inhale and exhale deliberately. After this, windmill your arms forward quickly. Your right foot should step back into the plank position as you do this.

Then, lower yourself, lift your heart, and transition into an upward facing dog. Then, on the exhale, transition yourself into the downward-facing dog position. This advanced motion is challenging on a paddleboard, but a few practice attempts should help you get this down.

SUP Yoga:The Headstand

Finally, the headstand is a classic advanced yoga pose. To complete this pose, come down to your knees. Then, interlace your fingers. Make sure that your elbows are shoulder-width apart. After this, place the crown of your head between your forearms. Your crown should be nice and flat. After this, lift up your hips. Walk your feet up toward your face. Keep your hips above your shoulders. Line up your shoulders with your head.

Lastly, tighten your core and lift your body into the vertical position. This is a challenging pose so do not get discouraged. Practice makes perfect.

These are all challenging poses. One of the most important things that you have to remember during this process is that it is okay to fall in the water! If you fall in the water, simply get back up and try again! Check out Dunn Rite Pool Products today to take a look at all of the SUP yoga and inflatable paddleboard accessories! Give SUP yoga a try and challenge your body in a different way!

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