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Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

Posted by Dunn Rite Products on Nov 29th 2019

You're a fishing addict who's eyeing up that shiny new inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP). Almost involuntarily a question emerges in your brain: "Can you fish from an inflatable stand up paddleboard?"

You wonder if you're crazy for asking such a question. After all, technically you can fish from anything that floats like an iceberg or a bathtub. That doesn't necessarily mean you should. The more pertinent question would be, Can you fish from an iSUP without losing your gear, falling in the water or wishing the idea had never crossed your mind?

Truth be told, you're not crazy for having thoughts of stand up paddleboard fishing adventures. Yes, you can successfully fish from a paddleboard. No, you shouldn't do so without reading this first.

Throwing every fishing item you own onto your inflatable stand up paddleboard with no forethought could be, at best, mildly unpleasant. With a little preparation, however, you could be the envy of the water. Here are some quick tips for blissfully combining stand up paddleboarding and fishing.

What Do You Need to Bring When Fishing from an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

It's best to be a minimalist when fishing from a stand up paddleboard. You won't have as much storage as you would when fishing from a kayak or especially a boat. But if you stop and think about it, many times you bring more than you need when fishing from a boat anyway.

Being minimalistic helps you simplify the process and take only what you know will be effective which can make the trip less complicated and more enjoyable. Bring anything you would on a normal fishing trip such as gear, food and water, just with much less bulk.

Also, consider storing your gear in a waterproof bag, mounting a rod holder and investing in a  floating cooler that attaches to your inflatable stand up paddleboard by leash. You could even mount a camera on your inflatable stand up paddleboard to share your adventures with friends and family.

Where Can You Go When Fishing from an iSUP?

In theory, you could go anywhere there is fish although it's wise to use a bit more discretion than that. Fishing from an iSUP can be done in both saltwater and freshwater.

Having said that, choosing optimal settings and conditions will increase your enjoyment as well as your safety. Deep, lazy rivers are ideal for iSUP fishing. However, fast-moving rivers with gravelly or rocky shallows should be avoided. Not only can they damage your inflatable stand up paddleboard, they also can pose a safety risk.

Lakes and bays make a great option, however you'll want to avoid windy days when the waves churn up. You will also have to judge how far to safely go out on a larger body of water. It's best to stay within a reasonable distance from the shoreline in case of an emergency or rapidly changing weather patterns.

What Type of Fishing Work Best from an iSUP?

Whether you hope to cast spinners, flies or live bait, an inflatable stand up paddleboard can be an excellent choice. One of the greatest advantages of paddleboard fishing is that you can quietly get into very shallow water (as shallow as 5 inches). That would be impossible in most anything else that floats.

Trolling lures, live bait or a combination of the two also works well. Regardless of the type of fishing you do, you'll want a rod holder for when you are navigating (especially when trolling). Trolling allows you to fish while you're moving, saving precious time that otherwise couldn't be used fishing.

How do You Land a Fish Without Falling in the Water?

Imagine hooking the fish of a lifetime only to fall overboard as you try to land it. Definitely not cool. One of the best ways to avoid this is to bring a long-handled net along (one you can use from the standing position).

If you are new to paddleboard fishing, consider using a wider paddleboard. This will give you more stability during casting, hooking and landing of fish. A bit of extra stability will go a long way when you are trying to reel in a big one. 

What Do You Wear When Paddle Board Fishing?

In the summer of northern regions or year-around in warmer regions, wear whatever you're comfortable with. Of course, as with any water sport activity, you will want to protect yourself from the sun.

If you live in a location with colder weather, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up  iSUP fishing. You could wear a wetsuit and go out on days when it would otherwise be too chilly to do so. You also may enjoy the lack of summer crowds, making for a more peaceful setting.

Do you get excited at the thought of paddleboard fishing? You should! Feel free to browse Dunn Rite's wide selection of inflatable stand up paddleboards to bring a new level of adventure to your next fishing excursion!

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