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Submersible Pool Barstools: Taking Home Pool Bars By Storm

Submersible Pool Barstools: Taking Home Pool Bars By Storm

Mar 12th 2024

Looking to kick back and relax in your pool? Our latest pool lounge product release, the Pool Stool, might be just what you're after. These versatile seating options are perfect for both in and around the pool, offering convenience and comfort for your everyday lounging. Choose from a range of sizes, including our popular 24-inch and 30-inch models, and enjoy the ultimate poolside relaxation experience.

Pool Stools: Modern & Versatile Pool Seating At A Great Price

Dive into the future of poolside and in-pool seating with our Pool Stools! Perfect for any swimming pool setup, these modern marvels come with a weighted bottom for rock-solid stability. Whether you fancy a dip or prefer to lounge on dry land, our Pool Stools have you covered – they sink to the bottom for a refreshing underwater chill-out.

Get ready for a splash-tacular time with your friends and family as you integrate these cool new pool seats into your aquatic hangout spot. It's time to elevate your pool game with a touch of modern flair!

Check out the awesome features of our Pool Stool – the must-have addition for any pool party pro!

Rock-Solid Construction

These bad boys are built tough! Crafted with rotationally molded plastic walls, they're sturdier than a rhino on roller skates.

Pre-Weighted Perfection

No need to break a sweat – or a nail – trying to weigh these down. Each Pool Stool comes pre-loaded with 7 pounds of sand, ensuring they sink into your pool like a champ.

Price Tag Perfection

We've slashed prices like a pool shark slices through water! Our Pool Stools won't break the bank, so you can splash out on style without emptying your wallet.

Ready-to-Go Goodness

Say goodbye to confusing assembly instructions! These babies come fully assembled and ready to rock, straight out of the box.

Steady as a Rock

With rubber-tipped leveling feet, these stools stay put like a lifeguard on duty. Whether you've got an inground or above-ground pool, they'll keep your seating stable and safe.

Comfy Contours

Say hello to the lap of luxury! Our Pool Stools are specially contoured for maximum comfort, ensuring you can lounge for hours without a care in the world.

So dive in, splash about, and enjoy the poolside paradise with your new favorite accessory – the Pool Stool!

Where Can You Find a Pool Stool?

At Dunn Rite Products, we're committed to providing high-quality pool products that are designed to enhance your pool experience. Our Pool Stools make a great addition to any pool setup, providing a comfortable and convenient way to relax and enjoy the water. With its adjustable height, comfortable design, easy assembly, and portability, our Pool Stool is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their pool experience. So why not add a pool stool to your pool setup today and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer? Shop the Pool Stool today!

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