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What Are Some Swimming Pool Accessories? Enhance Your Pool Experience with These Must-Have Accessories

What Are Some Swimming Pool Accessories? Enhance Your Pool Experience with These Must-Have Accessories

Posted by Dunn Rite Products on Apr 3rd 2024

Outdoor pools are more than just a place to cool off on a hot day; it's a gathering spot, a source of fun and relaxation for family and friends. Whether you have an above ground or in ground pool, consider adding some exciting accessories. From pool basketball units to pool fountains, here are some must-have accessories to transform your pool into a backyard oasis.

Pool Basketball Units

Bring the excitement of the basketball court to your pool with a pool basketball unit. These units typically feature a sturdy hoop and a backboard that can be easily attached to the side of your pool. Pool basketball is a fantastic way to get everyone in the family involved in some friendly competition. Whether you're organizing a game of H.O.R.S.E. or just shooting around, a pool basketball unit is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Clear Shot Hoop

Pool Volleyball Units

For those who prefer volleyball, a pool volleyball unit is a fantastic addition to your pool. Similar to the basketball units, these sets usually include a net that can be stretched across the pool, dividing it into two halves. A pool volleyball set is perfect for pool parties or family gatherings, offering a fun and active way to enjoy the water.

WaterVolley Premium

Pool Stools

If you're looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy your pool, consider adding pool stools. These stools are designed to be submerged in the water, allowing you to sit comfortably at the edge of your pool while still staying cool. Pool stools are perfect for enjoying a drink or chatting with friends while taking a break from swimming.

Pool Stools

Pool Fountains

Add a touch of elegance to your pool with a pool fountain. These fountains come in a variety of styles and designs, from simple bubblers to elaborate cascading waterfalls. Not only do pool fountains enhance the visual appeal of your pool, but they also create a soothing ambiance with the sound of flowing water. Some pool fountains even come with LED lights, allowing you to create a stunning light display in your pool at night.

Pool Fountain


With the right accessories, you can transform your pool into a backyard oasis that everyone will love. Whether you're looking to add some excitement with a pool basketball or volleyball unit, or you prefer a more relaxing atmosphere with pool stools and fountains, there are plenty of options to choose from and Dunn Rite Product has them all! So why wait? Start shopping for pool accessories today and take your pool experience to the next level!

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