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How Do Inflatable Paddleboards Work?

How Do Inflatable Paddleboards Work?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jul 16th 2021

If you are looking for an exciting new sport you can try, you may want to learn more about inflatable paddleboards. Many people love to use inflatable paddleboards to go  SUP fishingSUP surfingSUP racing, and even SUP yoga. It may sound strange that you will stand up on something in the water you inflate; however, inflatable paddleboards work very well when inflated. How does an inflatable SUP work? How are they able to maintain their hull integrity throughout repeated uses? Learn more about how inflatable paddleboards work!

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The Inflation Process: How Does it Work?

In general, you have two options if you are trying to inflate your paddleboard. The first option is to use a  hand pump. The second option to inflate your inflatable paddleboard is to use an electric pump. If you use an electric pump with your inflatable paddleboards, make sure it will inflate to 10 PSI or higher. The exact amount of time it will take for you to inflate your paddleboard will depend on the type of pump you are using.

In general, it will take under 10 minutes to get your inflatable paddleboard ready to use; however, if you are inflating it by hand, it can take a bit longer. While air pressure is not the only factor that will impact the rigidity of your inflatable paddleboard, it is the most important. You need to take a look at the inflatable paddleboards inflating instructions and ensure you hit the correct pressure.

How Does the Valve Work?

One of the reasons why inflatable paddleboards can retain their pressure is the valves they use. The most common type of vale on inflatable paddleboards is called the Halkey Roberts valve. These are much better than the typical valves found on other pieces of equipment, which are usually Boston valves. Another significant benefit of using Halkey Roberts valves is that they are replaceable. This means that if they break, they can be fixed or replaced with the help of professionals.

There is also a mechanical sealing system that makes sure the inflatable paddleboards remain inflated. You can use an adaptor to depress the pin and allow air to escape when you are ready to deflate them. In some cases, you simply need to twist the valve to depress the pin.

How Does an Inflatable Paddleboard Handle the Pressure?

There is a secret that allows inflatable paddleboards to maintain their pressure even when standing on them. That comes from the drop-stitch construction. This is at the heart of every inflatable paddleboard you will ever use. Dunn-Rite inflatable paddleboards uses a manufacturing process that leads to the production of two layers of material. Then, there are thin threads that are used to tie the materials together.

When the inflatable paddleboards deflate, the two layers collapse on each other, making the SUP easier to store. In general, inflatable paddleboards use drop-stitching that is either four inches or six inches thick. Because this process is not airtight, there is usually a laminated layer of PVC on top of the material. That way, the inflatable paddleboard will remain intact.

Why Are Inflatable Paddleboards As Good as Regular Paddleboards?

Some people look at inflatable paddleboards and wonder how they can ever be as good as traditional rigid boards. Multiple skins are used during the manufacturing process. When combined with the inflatable SUPs shape and the drop-stitch construction, the result is a nearly indestructible package just as strong as traditional paddleboards. That is why they have become so popular.

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