Make Your Summer a Slam Dunk with Pool Basketball

Jun 4th 2018

Nothing says summer fun like a sport that combines the cool, refreshing environment of a crystal-clear pool with the high-energy game play of basketball. Plus, pool basketball is a great way to entertain a group of friends for a summer afternoon when everyone’s tired of being cooped up indoors. The chill of the pool water coupled with invigorating exercise is the perfect antidote for those summer doldrums. Perfect for large groups or even just a handful of friends, pool basketball is your answer to summer entertainment. Never heard of pool basketball? That’s okay — here’s a quick primer to get you up to speed.What is Pool Basketball? Pool basketball, also called water basketball, combines the fast-paced action of water polo with the finesse of basketball into a game you can play in your own backyard swimming pool. It was created in 1986 by an Italian, Francesco Rizzuto, who developed the format for the basic game. Currently, there are a lot of variations of the game, b…

Perfect Planter Pot

May 16th 2018

If you currently have houseplants, or have ever had them in the past, you know that they can bring a lot of peace, calm, and relaxation to your environment. Some plants, however can require a lot of time and work for the benefits they provide. When growing herbs and vegetables this can start to turn into a full-time job if you let it. What’s the best way to provide your environment with that extra pick-me-up that only foliage can provide? A plant in a self-watering container, the Dunnrite Perfect Pot!Why a Self-Watering Container? Plants are usually fairly easy to grow, but they do still require regular watering and maintenance. If you are busy or just forgetful sometimes, this can cause your plants to suffer the consequences. It's always a sad day when the plant you've been nurturing and helping to grow over time gets droopy and starts dropping leaves. Even if you don’t have a problem with forgetting to water your plants, it still takes time to do so - particularly once…