A Guide to Choosing Swimming Pool Basketball Games

Dec 24th 2017

Whether you’re accessorizing the pool for the kids or you’re looking for ways to add the fun factor to your next pool party, one thing’s for sure, swimming pool basketball games are a must-have.

But with a variety of different models available, how do you choose the right one for you, your kids, and your pool?

Below, we’ll explain what to look out for when buying a pool basketball set, while also providing you with some helpful advice on what age groups these sets are best suited for.

Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Games

If you’re buying for the kids, or you want a design that suits all abilities (and you’re not taking your basketball games too seriously!), a floating basketball hoop is ideal. These are designed to float on the surface of the water so kids can easily jump out of a shallow pool to score a slam dunk.

They’re also great if you’re still wondering whether or not a basketball game’s right for your pool because they don’t require any installation and aren’t as big an investment. And even if you do upgrade your basketball set afterward, this pool game will still bring hours of lighthearted entertainment – for kids and adults.

Portable Swimming Pool Basketball Games

When it comes to the bigger basketball hoops, there are two main types – portable ones (where you fill the base with water or sand to keep it in position at the poolside) or deck-mounted ones (that are fixed to the side of your pool).

Portable basketball hoops are ideal if you want to be able to store the unit out of sight when it’s not in use (although, this is a feature on some deck-mounted hoops, too). However, with their heavy-duty bases, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that these are safe and secure throughout play – even if someone loves to show off with a slam dunk or two.

Look for designs like the Splash and Shoot that feature reinforced backboards and hardwearing posts for added durability. Designs like these often come with an adjustable feature, too, so it’s suitable for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Deck-Mounted Swimming Pool Basketball Games

Know you’re going to be hosting regular basketball tournaments in your pool?

Then you may want to ditch the water-filled base in favor of a post that’s fixed straight onto the side of your pool. This offers a slightly more streamlined look and looks just like a traditional basketball hoop (except for the fact it’s half the size to allow for the depth of the pool!).

It’s important to note, though, that because this is a fixed pole, you can’t alter the height of it, so it is best suited for teens and adults, or in very shallow pools for the kids.

Again, you’ll want to find a design that’s been made to stand up to the demands of even the most competitive of basketball matches (like the Clear Hoop Jr., for example). Furthermore, designs like this do come with the added bonus that, although they are fixed, they can be removed when they’re not in use. All you need to do is replace the post with a finishing cap when you’re not using it.

Combination Volleyball and Basketball Pool Sets

Decided you want a basketball hoop for your pool but still looking for ways you can up the ante?

Then look no further than pool game combination sets.

These allow you to play basketball and volleyball in your pool (not at once, though – that would be a little difficult!) and come complete with a basketball hoop, basketball, volleyball net, and volleyball. And, even though the volleyball nets in these sets are quite standard, you will still need to choose between the water-based or deck-mounted design of the basketball hoop – the former being more ideally suited to various ages and the latter for older teens and adults.

Hopefully, the above has shed some light on the variety of basketball hoops available for swimming pools. But whatever design you do choose, you are guaranteed plenty of entertainment, lots of splashes, and some epic poolside pictures of everyone’s slam dunk faces!

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