3 Fun (and Highly Competitive) Pool Games

Dec 24th 2017

When you’ve got a pool, one of the best things about it is the vast array of activities you and the kids can enjoy. But even though playing underwater games, swimming, and relaxing on inflatables is an obvious choice, did you know team sports are another great source of entertainment for your pool? From pool parties with your friends to family fun in the sun, these pool sports can be tailored to suit both children and adults, providing you all with plenty of exercise, fun, and bragging rights (if you win!). So to help you make the most of your pool and the cool sports you can play within it, we’ve listed three of our favorite pool games below:1. Basketball Pool Games How on earth do you play basketball in the water, we hear you ask. Well, even though it does require some imagination (and no underwater dribbling, you’ll be pleased to know), there’s plenty of fun to be had shooting the basketball into a net at the end of the pool. And, if you want to get really competitive, there a…