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      Dale Binning | Sep 7th 2021

      Motors are very low quality. The brushes and armature come apart especiallty if you run them in reverse. Customer service was great and they sent me two new motors but I am expecting the same problem to occur.

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      i would be glad to give a review if I had the product

      Veronica L Olinger | Aug 12th 2021

      I have been waiting on this since the middle of July. I have called several times and they give me a date it will be here but it doesn't come. So I call back and they say the people are out all week and give me another date and it doesnt come. I still do not have it and i am about ready to cancel the order and get a refund. Can ANYONE help me. This was ordered as a trial for a pool company and was planning to order more for my service guys. but not if I can't even get this !!

    • 5

      Russell SChomer | Jul 26th 2021

      I get a lot of debris due to the location and this little tool can clean the surface of leaves in no time. ..30ft. round above ground pool. Reception is good for he entire area.

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      Jerry Inman | Jul 18th 2021

      It works as good as expected and saves on my old back.

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      Great Item at a great price!

      Brandon Lucero | Jul 18th 2021

      This r/c boat is a fun way to keep the pool clean.

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      Great customer service and product

      Jay | Dec 27th 2020

      Arrived a little tardy but no big deal. First time in the pool and 1 of the motors quit. Contacted Mollie @ Dunrite and she immediately shipped replacements. Have not had an issue since. It makes skimming an ice cold pool
      A breeze! Customer service was spot on! Highly recommend!

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      Hydro Net

      Thomas | Oct 18th 2020

      The Hydro net works very well and is a back saver for me. My pool is surrounded by trees that dump leaves and seed pods into my pool all the time, but the Hydro Net makes short and fun work of them in minutes. If you read all the reviews on this item you will learn how to take care of your investment.
      1. Do not leave it in the pool. Always remove it when you finish using it.
      2. When taking it out of the water do it by the stern first so as to NOT submerge the motors.
      3. Likewise, never leave the remote control outside in the weather. As with the boat itself, store it inside or out of the weather as well.
      4. When storing the boat I have found it best to do it at an angle with the bow being much higher than the stern. That way any water that gets into the motors will drain out. Standing water in the motors will rust the gears and then you will have to replace the motor. If you can, run a bead of sealant around the seam where the two halves of the motor come together. This will help keep most water out of the engine compartment.
      5. NEVER submerge either the remote control or the boat itself!
      6. hen you finish using the Hydro Net and have removed it from the water, dry it off. This will help to preserve it for a long time.
      So if you follow these few rules you should have a trouble free unit. It is also wise to purchase another battery pack so you will always have a fresh charged battery if the other one runs down.
      The only con I can think of is I wish they offered a larger net. Other than that, this is a great tool that turns a huge chore into a fun time!!!!

    • 5

      Erika Dobson | Jun 27th 2020

      Delivery was super quick and the boat/skimmer works great!!!! Fun and practical, was a perfect Father’s Day gift!

    • 5

      Erika Dobson | Jun 27th 2020

      Delivery was super quick and the boat/skimmer works great!!!! Fun and practical, was a perfect Father’s Day gift!

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