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Why are swimming pools blue?

Why are swimming pools blue?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jul 9th 2020

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the summer sun, you could be thinking about hosting a pool party with a  pool volleyball game in your backyard or taking a stroll to the nearby neighborhood pool. At the same time, you might also be wondering what gives pools their blue color. While most people know that a green pool or a brown pool is something to stay far away from (or clean up if they own it), why is blue the right color of a pool? How do we know that a blue pool is safe for use? There are a few points to keep in mind.

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Why Swimming Pools Are Blue

If you are looking for something to drink and you pour a glass of water, you do not want it to be blue. In fact, you expect it to be clear, right? On the other hand, you are totally fine jumping in a pool that is blue. In fact, you expect it. Why is this the case?

Reflects Sky

There are a few major reasons why pools are blue. First, pools tend to turn blue because they are reflecting the sky. The sky is blue, so the water in pools tends to look blue as well. While this is a part of the argument, it is not the entirety of the explanation.

Blue Tiles or Fiberglass

Next, pools still look blue even when the sky is mostly cloudy, so there must be more to it, right? Yes! Pools are also blue because many people use blue tiles or fiberglass to construct their pools. Therefore, even though the water itself appears blue, people see the tiles or fiberglass underneath, which has been constructed to be blue. People like blue tiles and fiberglass because they expect to see a blue pool. The clear water looks blue due to the construction materials.

Water Molecules

Even this is not enough to explain everything. It is also important to explore the chemistry of how water molecules work. Water molecules get their energy from the sunlight that strikes them. When light strikes the water molecules, they absorb some of the visible spectrum while reflecting other colors. In this case, the water molecules absorb the red wavelengths of light from the sun. In return, they reflect the other types of light. This includes blue. As a result, water molecules in the pool reflect blue light to the eyes of nearby swimmers and sunbathers, causing the water to look blue.

Water Depth

Finally, some people would also like to know what determines how blue the water looks to the naked eye. This has to do with the depth of the water. The deeper the pool goes, the more opportunity there is for light to get absorbed by other water molecules along the way. This is what makes pools that are particularly deep that much darker when thinking about how blue they look.

How to Turn Swimming Pools Blue

If you walk outside and expect to see a blue pool, you might be surprised if this is your first trip out there this summer. Green pools are a common problem. This tends to happen due to algae that might be present in the pool. The good news is that a chlorine shock can clear out the algae quickly. Then, the pool filter can be used to remove the dead algae the next day. Finally, you can resume your regular pool maintenance, helping the pool turn that beautiful blue color once again.

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