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White Buoy Meaning

White Buoy Meaning

Posted by Dunn Rite on Nov 9th 2020

Safety on the water has to be the number one priority, whether you’re in a boat, on a paddleboard, or in a kayak. Part of water safety is knowing what the various buoy colors mean as people are out on the water and see different colored buoys that carry various messages. The point of these buoys is that people understand what they mean from a distance. When it comes to buoys, one of the most common examples is a white buoy. Everyone on the water needs to understand what a white buoy means. Furthermore, durable Aqua Lantern white buoys are great options for ensuring that everyone understands what is happening in the local area.

White AquaLantern

White Buoy is The Keep Out Buoy

One of the most common white buoys that people might come across is called the keep out buoy. Keep out buoys are supposed to designate an area where boating or kayaking is not allowed. These buoys are usually white and carry two horizontal orange bands. Between the orange horizontal bands is an orange cross. This cross will be located inside of an orange diamond in between the two horizontal orange lines. Sometimes, these white buoys may also carry a yellow flashing light. There are usually specific reasons why someone might not be allowed in this area. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to obey white buoys and not go there, regardless of the vehicle.

White Buoy as The Control Buoy

Another reason for a white buoy is called a control buoy. Control buoys are used to mark an area where boating or kayaking might be restricted. Often, control buoys will carry information such as speed limits, depth markers, or other issues. Usually, control buoys are white with two horizontal, orange bands similar to the keep out buoy. Instead of an orange diamond or an orange cross, a control buoy will have an orange circle and between the two horizontal lines. Sometimes, there will be another graphic inside of the orange circle. This might be used to communicate a specific message regarding the nature of the control, such as a speed limit or directional indications.

White Buoy as The Hazard Buoy

One of the most important white buoys that someone might notice is called a hazard buoy. A hazard buoy is used to mark issues that could be safety risks. The most common examples include rocks and shoals. Usually, hazard buoys are white. They have two horizontal orange bands on them, similar to the other white buoys. Then, there is an orange diamond inside of the horizontal lines. Unlike the keep out buoy, a hazard buoy will not have an orange cross in it. Sometimes, there might be information inside of the orange diamond indicating the specific nature of the hazard that people need to watch out for. Everyone needs to know about hazard buoys and make sure they stay away from the danger that might be present.

The Swimming Buoy Is Critical

Finally, everyone needs to keep their eyes open for swimming buoys as well. Most of the buoys are straight white buoys. They do not have any orange lines or markings in them. A swimming buoy is usually used to mark the perimeter of a swimming area. Particularly for boaters, they need to make sure that they are aware of swimmers who are located in the nearby area, and a swimming buoy is used to let them know that there could be people present who are hard to see. Therefore, people who are using boats, kayaks, or paddleboards need to be careful not to hit people who might be swimming in the water nearby.

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These are a few of the most common white buoys that you might encounter when you are out on the water. If you are looking for buoys that you can deploy safely in the water that will stand up to the test of time, we are here to help you. At Dunn-Rite Pool Products, we have a wide variety of AquaLantern solar buoys that come in all colors. We would be happy to help you meet all of your buoy needs! 

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