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What Do the Red and Green Buoys Mean?

What Do the Red and Green Buoys Mean?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Nov 9th 2020

When you go out on the water, safety needs to come first. Therefore, it is crucial to be familiar with navigational buoys and what they mean. Some of the most common buoys that you might encounter on the water are red and green buoys. It is important to be familiar with what these buoys mean so that everyone can react to them appropriately and safely. Some of the most popular buoys include Aqualantern red buoys and green buoys, What do the colors of these buoys mean for you?

Green Aqualantern Solar BuoyAquaLantern Solar Red Buoy

The Red Buoy: Red, Right, and Return

One of the easiest ways to remember what a red buoy means is to remember that the message also starts with the letter R. Remembering that red buoys communicate “R” messages is helpful as a memory mechanism. In general, when you are coming back into the harbor area from a day out on the paddleboard, a red channel buoy should be on your right. Usually, red buoys are also going to be marked with even numbers. As you come back in, the markers should go up, letting you know that you are getting closer to the finish. As you leave the harbor, it might help you remember how many red buoys there are when you come back in. This is a great way to let you know how much farther you have to paddle before you get to the end. You won't have to worry about running out of energy, and you should be able to pace yourself appropriately.

In some cases, red buoys are also going to be called nuns. The most important thing that you should remember when you see a red buoy is that you need to keep it on your right as you come back in. If the buoy is on your left as you come back in, you might make the wrong turn, ending up somewhere you don't want to go.

The Green Buoy: The Open Seas

In contrast, as you are going out to sea, you should see a lot of green buoys on your right. Green means go, which means go out to sea, in this case. In those cases, green buoys are called cans because they have a flat top, making them look like cans. The green buoys should be marked with odd numbers and contrast the red buoys, usually marked with even numbers. If the green buoy is on your left as you are going out to sea, then you might be going the wrong way.

What About the Red and White Buoy?

Another red buoy that you might notice on the paddleboard is a buoy that contains a red ball on top with white and red stripes down the side. If you see this buoy, this is a sign that you are directly in the center of the channel. Particularly for racing, this is a good thing because that means they are taking the shortest path possible to the finish. It simply means that you were in the middle of the channel.

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