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What are the steps to clean a pool?

What are the steps to clean a pool?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jun 26th 2020

Everyone wants to make sure that their pool is clean and this means investing in crystal clear water. In order to make sure the water is as clear as possible, it is important to keep the pool clean. There are a few steps that should be formed on a regular basis to make sure the pool is as clean as possible. By investing in routine maintenance, pool owners are less likely to become frustrated with the condition or state of their pool.

Skim Off the Leaves and Debris of the Pool Surface

This is a task that should be done daily. It should also be the first step of any weekly pool maintenance routine. In order to skim the pol effectively, use a long-handled skimmer to collect leaves, insects, and other debris that could be floating on the surface of the pool. This takes only a few minutes and will go a long way toward keeping the water clean. Try to catch dead debris early before it sinks to the bottom. If it touches the bottom, it might stain the pool. Also, if there are any trees hanging over the pool, thinking about trimming them back to reduce the number of leaves and branches the land in the pool.

Brush the Sediment Off of Walls of the Pool

As pools start to age, algae and small bits of debris can start to collect on the sides of the pool. This is common on pool slides and ladders as well. Weekly, pool owners should take the time to remove dirt and other debris from the sides of the pool as well as the fixtures. This can be used to prevent the spread of algae. In addition, try to brush the sediment toward the main drain of the pool. This will make it easier to vacuum.

Vacuum the Swimming Pool Regularly

Speaking of vacuuming the pool, this is another task that has to be completed on a weekly basis. The goal of the vacuum is to collect debris that might have dropped to the bottom of the pool. It needs to be collected quickly or it could end up staining the pool itself. There are a few options when it comes to a pool vacuum. The first option is to go with a manual vacuum, which is the easiest to control and still one of the most popular.

Another option is a robotic vacuum. This is a vacuum that does the work for the pool owner. They are energy-efficient, meaning they will not run up the utility bills, and can work free from the control of the owner. There are two types of pool vacuums. The first is called a pressure vacuum that uses a pool pump to collect debris. The other vacuum is called a suction vacuum that attaches to either a skimmer or suction port.

Backwash the Pool Filters on a Regular Basis

Every week, it is important to check the pool filters are used to collect small dust and debris that might have escaped the skimmer. Look at the filter, remove anything that might be present, and consider backwashing the pool. If the pool is used on a daily basis, it might be a good idea to backwash the filters on a weekly basis as well. As a rule, look at the pressure reading on the filters. If the pressure reading is 10 PSI above normal, it is time to backwash them.

Do Not Neglect the Swimming Pool Chemicals

Finally, take the time to check the chemicals on a regular basis as well. This includes chlorine and pH. These should be checked daily. In addition, use shock treatments and algaecide on a weekly basis to keep the pool clean. This could be the last step because the other steps above might alter the chlorine and pH levels.

Once all of these steps are done, the pool is clean and ready for use! This might include paddleboarding, pool volleyball, pool basketball, or other fun activities. If you are looking for pool products, check out Dunn-Rite! We offer some of the top products from many of the leading brands! We can make your next pool day one for the record books!

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