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What Are the Parts of an Inground Pool?

What Are the Parts of an Inground Pool?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Mar 13th 2023

An inground pool is a great addition to any backyard, providing a place to cool off and have fun during the summer months. However, it's important to know the different parts of an inground pool, not only to understand how it functions but also to identify any issues that may arise. Another important thing that future pool owners don't consider is whether or not they will eventually add an accessory such as  pool basketball for in-ground pools. The shape and depth play a huge role in any plans of building a pool, especially if you have a family.

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Parts of an In-Ground Pool

Believe it or not, there are over a dozen important parts of in-ground pools to consider when it comes to regular maintenance. Familiarize yourself with the pool parts listed below as a future pool owner or current pool owner to be ready and well-versed. In this blog, we'll go over the different parts of an inground pool and what they're called.

  • Pool Shell or Basin The pool shell or basin is the actual pool itself. It's made of different materials like concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner. The shell of the pool provides the structure for the pool, holding the water inside.
  • Pool Deck The pool deck is the area around the pool, where you can lounge, sunbathe, or place your pool chairs. It can be made of different materials like concrete, pavers, or wood.
  • Coping Coping is the material that covers the top edge of the pool shell, providing a finished edge and protecting the pool shell from damage. It can be made of different materials like brick, stone, or concrete.
  • Skimmers Skimmers are located at the water line of the pool and are used to remove debris like leaves, bugs, and other floating objects from the surface of the water. They are connected to the pool's filtration system.
  • Main Drain The main drain is located at the bottom of the pool and is used to circulate the water through the pool's filtration system.
  • Returns Returns are located on the side of the pool and are used to return clean, filtered water back into the pool.
  • Pool Pump The pool pump is responsible for circulating the water through the filtration system, keeping the pool water clean and clear. It's typically located near the pool equipment.
  • Filter The pool filter is responsible for removing debris, dirt, and other particles from the water as it circulates through the filtration system. It can be a sand filter, cartridge filter, or DE filter.
  • Heater The pool heater is responsible for raising the temperature of the pool water, making it more comfortable for swimming. It can be powered by gas, electricity, or solar power.
  • Chlorinator The chlorinator is used to add chlorine or other chemicals to the pool water to keep it clean and sanitized. It can be a manual or automatic system.
  • Diving Board A diving board is an optional feature of an inground pool, providing a fun way to jump into the water. It's typically located on the deep end of the pool.
  • Ladders or Steps Ladders or steps are used to enter and exit the pool. They can be made of different materials like stainless steel or plastic and can be located on the shallow or deep end of the pool.
  • Pool Cover A pool cover is used to protect the pool from debris, keep the water clean, and reduce heat loss. It can be a manual or automatic system.

Knowing the different parts of an inground pool can help you identify any issues that may arise and help you keep your pool in good working order. If you're planning to install an inground pool, it's important to choose a reputable pool builder who can help you choose the right materials and features for your pool.

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