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Using Water and Backyard Volleyball Nets Interchangeably

Using Water and Backyard Volleyball Nets Interchangeably

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jun 3rd 2021

As the weather begins to heat up outside, you may be thinking about spending more time in the pool. If you love to play volleyball in the backyard, then it only makes sense to transition your game to a water volleyball match in the swimming pool. After all, this is a great way to enjoy a different side of the game while also getting some exercise. It will also help you remain cool if you can play volleyball while in the swimming pool. At the same time, do you need to have a specific net for a water volleyball? Can you use the same net for pool volleyball as the one you use in your backyard? There are several essential points to keep in mind.

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Go With a Pool Volleyball Unit

First, understand that they do make volleyball nets that you can use interchangeably. For example, you may be able to use your water volleyball net in the backyard; however, this is not usually the case. The vast majority of nets used in volleyball have been specifically made for the pool or the backyard. Therefore, take a closer look at the volleyball net you are using. Make sure it has been designed specifically for your purpose. If you would like to play volleyball in the pool, you need to find an effort has been made for this purpose. Why is this the case?

The Height Issue Is Significant In Water Volleyball vs. Backyard Volleyball

One of the biggest reasons you need to go with a volleyball net explicitly made for the pool is the height of the net itself. Usually, the bottom of the net use in pool volleyball only sits a few inches off the ground. That is because you are going to be in the pool, standing beneath ground level. In contrast, if you play pool volleyball in the backyard, the net could be several feet off the ground. If you have a net that is several feet off the ground in the pool, you are going to have a very difficult time getting the ball over the net. Height is the biggest reason you need to go with a specially constructed pool volleyball set.

Thinking About the Durability Concerns For Pool Volleyball 

In addition, you also have to think about the durability of the net. In most cases, the net in volleyball is explicitly made to withstand the water. Water is a corrosive substance. It will eventually cut through a lot of materials. If you try to use your backyard volleyball net in the pool, the water may degrade the volleyball net more quickly. This is another reason you need to go with a net made specifically for the pool. Make sure you get as much use out of your net as possible.

What About the Volleyball?

Finally, you also have to think about the ball. Fortunately, a lot of balls used in volleyball can transition easily between the water and the pool. At the same time, if you would like to get as much use out of your volleyball as possible, you should go with a ball that has been designed specifically for the pool. That way, you do not have to worry about your ball wearing out too quickly. If you are looking for the best equipment for water volleyball, you can take a look at the selection from Dunn Rite.

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The Best Water Volleyball Units

Ultimately, if you are looking for the best pool volleyball equipment, trust the team from Dunn Rite. There is a lot you need to think about if you are planning on playing volleyball in the pool. The first thing you need to think about is having the right equipment. There is an unparalleled selection at Dunn Rite, so you can find the best water volleyball units to meet your needs. For example, you may be interested in the  SlamVollyDeckVolly, or the Stainless WaterVolly unit. Our Pool Volleyball units are built to last! We offer the best materials and construction to last a lifetime, for pool volleyball summer after summer. Shop our Deck Mounted Pool Volleyball Units or our Portable Pool Volleyball Units.

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