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Types of Plants That Do Well With Self-Watering Planters

Types of Plants That Do Well With Self-Watering Planters

Posted by Dunn Rite Products on Oct 25th 2019

Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter

For perennials, Hostas are a popular choice for the perfect planter. They are easy to grow and attractive, with variegated, colorful leaves. They do well even in low light levels. Another popular perennial plant that would thrive in a perfect planter is the Japanese Iris. They produce large flowers which are showy and colorful. Lobelia and Snowy Meadowfoam are both excellent choices for annuals to plant in a self-watering container. Both are easy to grow but require a decent amount of water and moist soil - not a problem with the  Dunn Rite Perfect Planter. Just put your plant into the soil, fill up the pot’s reservoir using our easy clip-on funnel, and then apply the cover. After that you’re ready to go, and your plant is ready to grow.

Other types of plants you can grow in a perfect planter include cherry tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, and peace lilies. Their success will be limited by the size of the container as well as the levels of light they receive, so remember to prune them accordingly, particularly with tomato plants. Don’t forget that climbing plants will often require a trellis or some other sort of structure to grow on, tomatoes in particular require a cage or trellis so that they don’t fall over under the weight of their own fruit.

Perfect Planter Self Watering Pot Features

The Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter can be used anywhere that is not exposed to rain. It holds up to 1.5 gallons of water, which means your plants can go up to 2 months without watering, depending on the variety of plant. If you’re someone who travels or just doesn’t want to have to constantly worry about watering your plants, it’s perfect for you. It also comes with a hidden cover that is easily removed, providing you with a clip-in funnel for easy refilling.

The bottom has a special “airstone” filter that slowly releases water from the reservoir in the sidewalls and bottom of the planter, giving your plant a regulated and steady water supply over a long period of time without flooding the roots all at once and killing the plant. We have developed this system in house and tested it thoroughly to make certain that we are providing what we believe is the best self-watering container at an affordable price.

Perfect Planter Self Watering Pot; What is the Best Soil to Use?

For most plants in a self-watering container like the perfect planter, you will want to use a loose soil that allows for proper drainage in order to prevent root-rot. Usually a mix of sandy soil and potting soil will work for the majority of houseplants, as long as they get appropriate light and are kept away from freezing temperatures. Be sure to research your particular plant type to make sure, however, as some needs may vary. Using a commercial potting soil mix designed for your particular plant is often the best choice, since they are usually free of weed seeds and pests that could otherwise cause problems in your container. If you want to retain even more moisture, consider adding a thin layer of mulch over the top of the soil to help prevent evaporation, however with the Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter you should be well taken care of even without this extra step.

Perfect Planter Self Watering Pot- Spotlight on Lighting

Check the recommendations for your type of plant. Many plants thrive in shade, however there are a large number of plants that need direct or partial sunlight. If you have indoor plants that need a lot of light, consider putting them near a window that gets a lot of light exposure, or even picking up a small plant light. Depending on your environment you may want to check with your local agricultural extension to see if they have any suggestions about the type of plant you’re growing. Remember to bring your plant in if it looks like rain, however, since with the Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter they won’t be needing the extra water in order to thrive.

Perfect Planter Conclusion

Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter

If you love growing plants, or even if you are just curious about trying your hand at growing something, it's hard to go wrong with the Dunn-Rite Perfect Planter. Our design has been exhaustively tested and refined to bring you the self-watering planter that we believe is the best in class, as well as stylish and affordable. Growing in a container like this means no need to weed or treat the area for pests, and far less risk of wildlife deciding that your plants are a tasty treat just for them to snack on. Plus, it’s great for people who are on the go or not always at home to water the plants. Order one today, and you'll be happy you did.

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