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Top Pool Basketball Units for 2022

Top Pool Basketball Units for 2022

Posted by Dunn Rite on Feb 21st 2022

It's 2022 and Dunn Rite Pool basketball units are what is on the minds of pool owners across the country. Here are the top 5  pool basketball units for 2022. 

#1 - Regulation Clear Hoop Pool Basketball 

Pool Basektball Hoop - Regulation Clear Hoop - Deck Mounted

The  Regulation pool basketball set is designed for use in an inground swimming pool and includes a tough 1/2" thick 32" X 43" acrylic backboard. The durable Regulation clear hoop is a high -quality pool basketball hoop that also looks great by your pool. Enjoy a game of pool basketball this summer with your Regulation Clear Hoop!

#2 - Splash & Shoot Clear Pool Basketball

Splash & Shoot Clear Pool Basketball Unit

Splash & Shoot Clear basketball pool unit


  • Regulation size color matched ball (B110)
  • 20" overhang
  • Variable adjustment up to 49" height
  • Compact 200 lb water-filled base
  • Base measures 40"Wide X 24" Deep X 10" Tall
  • Heavy duty 2 3/8" aluminum post
  • Tough reinforced 41" X 28" framed polycarb backboard
  • 18" vinyl coated stainless steel rim (RIM375)
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • 3 Year Warranty

#3 - Splash and Slam Pool Basketball Unit

 Splash and Slam

 State-of-the art swimming pool basketball set

Splash and Slam Pool Basketball Unit Specifications

  • Indestructible reinforced 30" x 44" poly backboard
  • Backboard has 2' of overhang
  • Regulation sized vinyl coated 18" stainless steel rim easily adjusts 2' to 6' above water
  • Four way leveling system accommodates sloped decks
  • Super-tough polyethylene base weighs 500 lbs when filled with water
  • Base measures 29 3/4" Wide X 20.5" Tall X 35.5" Deep
  • All hardware is powder coated aluminum or stainless steel
  • Regulation sized 9" diameter, color matched ball
  • Playing height easily adjusts for all ages without hassle of tools
  • 3 Year Warranty

#4 - Regulation ClearHoop Combo

The  Regulation ClearHoop Combo games share with 2 2-3/8" brass anchors to combine Regulation ClearHoop and Stainless DeckVolly sets

Both come with 3 Year Warranty

#5 - Deck Combo Clear

The  Deck Combo Clear Unit shares 2 brass anchors to combine Deck Shoot Clear and DeckVolly sets. The Deck Combo Clear is designed for inground pools and allows you to have both pool basketball and pool volleyball games. High-quality meets function in this incredible set.

 Deck Combo Clear

Last, but certainly not least, check out our newest pool basetball unit just added to the lineup. 

Clear Shot Stainless - Portable and Adjustable Poolside Basketball Set

Recommended for Salt System Pools

Clear Shot Stainless - Portable and Adjustable Poolside Basketball Set

Innovative design features variable adjustment, allowing for a rim height to range from 9 inches to 34 inches above deck.

  • Portable with a compact base weighing 60 lb. when filled with water.
  • Aesthetically pleasing 26 & 1/2 “by 18 & 1/2” water clear reinforced polycarbonate backboard.
  • Strong and durable vinyl coated 13-inch stainless steel rim designed to hold up to pool chemicals and salt systems pools.
  • Comes with a color matched 7” dimeter pool basketball and stainless-steel hardware.

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