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Top Pool Accessories 2019

Top Pool Accessories 2019

Posted by Dunn-Rite Products on Mar 10th 2019

As winter turns to spring, our thoughts drift to wonderful warm days of summer. The long days, the barbecues, the smell of freshly mown grass are soon to come, but most importantly, it will be time to open your pool. Whether you use your home pool for exercise, relaxation, or to be the center of the neighborhood, you need to accessorize your pool for maximum enjoyment. So, what are the must-have items for your backyard pool in 2019?

Wireless Waterproof Floating Speakers

You can't have a party without music. The hottest trend in technology for your pool is floating speakers that are wireless and waterproof. Just put them in your pool and control the music flow with your phone, tablet or laptop. Floating speakers allow you to enjoy your tunes at a reasonable distance, so you don't have to crank up your in-home system and bother the neighbors. Models are available that connect to your home Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth.

Pool Basketball

With a  pool basketball hoop, you can play horse or take on the neighbors. There are myriads of hoop styles to fit the type of pool you own. If you have an above ground pool, look for backboards that will mount on the side of the pool. If you have an in-ground pool, find a set that is freestanding and place it on your deck. For added security, get a mountable backboard and affix it to your deck, or the concrete pad around your pool. Free-floating hoops are also available, which can be used in any pool and you can take it with you to the lake, the beach, or a friend’s pool for fun on the go.

Pool Volleyball

Clear Basketball Hoop Pool

Whether its two on two or a whole group playing, pool volleyball is the perfect mix of frivolity and exercise. Learn to set spikes and get that last dig while staying cool in the pool. Like basketball sets, there are plenty of mounting options for the net depending on the style of pool you own. Most are easy to put up or take down, so you can go from swimming to spiking in no time.

Combo Sports Units

Can't decide whether you'd prefer a basketball hoop or a volleyball net? Don't! Get yourself a  combo unit with both games. Now you can seamlessly transition from the top of the net to the top of the key, while still your pool.

Summer is just around the corner so don't wait to pick up some or all these accessories. Then you can have fun in the sun all season long.

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