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Top lakes to SUP in New Mexico

Top lakes to SUP in New Mexico

Posted by Dunn Rite on Nov 13th 2020

If you love to go paddleboarding, you know that New Mexico is one of the country’s top places to enjoy this sport. There is nothing better than the warm New Mexico sun gracing the water and everyone who is out in it when it comes to an inflatable SUP. There are several lakes in New Mexico that are absolutely stunning that everyone should note. This is truly going to set the SUP experience apart from all other options.

The Abiquiu Lake Recreation Area in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Abiquiu Lake is one of the most gorgeous locations in New Mexico, no matter what someone might be doing; however, there is nothing like Abiquiu Lake when taking out an inflatable paddleboard. This lake is surrounded by colorful rock formations highlighted by the local region’s brilliant red sandstone. This lake sits between two separate mountain ranges and is located at the northern edge of the state. If you get out of the water, you will see some amazing panoramic views of the local Cerro Pedernal peak, one of the top locations in all of New Mexico. While this is a lake that requires you to bring your own inflatable SUP, more than 5,000 acres at this location are just begging to be explored. Therefore, this can be a multi-day trip!

The Leasburg Dam State Park in Radium Springs, New Mexico

Those who are looking for a unique lake in New Mexico need not look any further than the Leasburg Dam State Park! This dam was first created as a diversion system that was designed to regulate the water management of the Rio Grande river. As a result, there is a beautiful oasis just outside of the closest town that is a haven for everyone who loves the water. A gorgeous place to take an inflatable paddleboard, this park is open from March to October. You can marvel at the beauty of the surrounding area combined with desert flora, gorgeous birds, and local animals. This is a great place to relax and try some yoga on a SUP in New Mexico!

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The Santa Rosa Lake State Park in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

This is one of the most popular lakes in all of New Mexico. This is a great lake on which you can uniquely connect with nature. By paddleboarding at the Santa Rosa Lake, you can access more than 3,500 acres of mostly calm water. This is also a comfortable temperature throughout almost the entire year! You can then paddle up the canyon of the Pecos River to look at some of the most beautiful plants, birds, and granite crags in the area! Even though this lake is popular, it is so big that it is seldom crowded. Also, do not be afraid to jump in for a swim! The lake is more than deep enough!

The Bottomless Lakes State Park in Roswell, New Mexico

No, this is not about Area 51; however, the Bottomless Lakes State Park is a great place to take a paddleboard. This is a series of nine separate lakes that sit along a limestone slope in the Pecos River Valley. The allure of these lakes is their dark blue hue created by the gorgeous plants at the bottom. Even though there are nine lakes, only one of them (Lea Lake) is open for paddleboarding and other water activities; however, this is a great place to take a day trip! Check out this New Mexico lake for some summer water fun!

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