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The Top Tips for Landscaping Around the Swimming Pool

The Top Tips for Landscaping Around the Swimming Pool

Posted by Dunn Rite on Mar 18th 2021

If you have a swimming pool, you probably look at this as a backyard oasis. If you have the right landscaping project, you can get the most out of your swimming pool. Whether you are thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen, a rock wall, or even a beautiful fire pit, the right mixture of elements can take your pool from a traditional swimming space to a beautiful outdoor paradise. What should you keep in mind?

Think About the Grassy Areas When You Install Your Pool Fence

First, you need to plan your pool fence carefully. Having patches of soft grass that can insulate your feet from the summer sun may sound like a good idea. On the other hand, if you have grass inside your swimming pool area, this will create a lot of maintenance issues. This grass will inevitably end up over-watered. As a result, you may end up with weeds. If you do not remove these weeds regularly, they will erode your pool deck, leading to cracks that you need to repair. Do your best to leave grass outside the fence.

Consider The Plants You Add to Your Landscape

Plants are a great way to increase privacy and add a splash of color to your swimming pool landscape. You need to think carefully about which plants you want to use. In general, avoid any plants that will shed their petals and leaves. This creates a mess on the pool deck and in the swimming pool itself, creating more maintenance issues. Furthermore, take note of which plants attract insects. You should stay away from these plants because they could lead to insect bites and stings. Finally, do not select plants with thorns. People are not thinking about plants as they walk around a full deck. They will get pricked unwittingly.

Do Not Overlook the Importance of Accent Lighting

If you have some aspects of your pool landscape that you would like to showcase, accent lighting is the best way to do precisely that. Particularly if you want to go swimming at night, lighting is a great way to elevate your pool landscaping project. You should consider accent lighting on the pool deck and in the pool itself. Make sure you do not place these accent lights too close to the walkway, as people may kick them and damage them (or stub their toe).

Think Carefully About Installing Rocks and Boulders

Rocks and boulders are among the favorites when it comes to pool landscaping projects. They require no maintenance, create natural accents, and can even double as seating areas. If you are thinking about installing a gravel bed, do not place this too close to the swimming pool. As people walk through it, small pieces of gravel will end up on the pool deck and in the pool itself, leading to more cleaning issues. Furthermore, consider the overall design of your pool deck itself. If you place boulders haphazardly, they could end up looking out of place.

Cabanas Can Be a Great Addition

If you are looking for a way to really make your full deck shine, consider going with cabanas. Cabanas have become popular during the past few years because they provide a space to sunbathe and create a sense of privacy. In addition, this is also an opportunity for you to add a splash of color to your pool deck. Finally, cabanas are also relatively low maintenance, and most materials will stand up to getting splashed occasionally. Make sure that you are cabanas can stand up to Summer thunderstorms.

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