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The Best Swimming Pool Games for 2020

The Best Swimming Pool Games for 2020

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jul 24th 2020

When it comes to summer pool fun, there is nothing like playing a few games. There are many individuals and families who are looking to stay cool this summer and the swimming pool provides the perfect opportunity to do this. While having plenty of sunscreen, towels, music, and food is a good idea, there will have to be a few games to keep the party going. That is where it is important to plan ahead. What are some of the top swimming pool games for 2020? There are a few key examples to keep in mind.

Sharks and Minnows 

Of course, this is one of the classic swimming pool games and it is just as popular today as it ever was. In this game, there is a single person who starts off as a shark. Then, everyone else is a minnow. When the shark yells for the minnows to get in the water, the goal is for each minnow to make it to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by the shark. If the shark tags a minnow, that minnow becomes a shark. The last minnow standing is declared the winner. Sharks and minnows typically involves diving, so make sure the pool is deep enough and that everyone dives safely!

Pool Basketball

There is nothing like playing  pool basketball. The added resistance of the water takes the game to a whole new level. In addition, treading water is a great form of exercise! While playing traditional basketball is a great place to start, don’t be afraid to play other games such as horse and knockout! In some cases, players might even try to make trick shots happen from the pool deck, a lounge chair, or even a window in the house! Just make sure that everyone stays safe while playing this fun swimming pool game!

Pool Volleyball

In addition to pool basketball,  pool volleyball is another classic. There are simple nets that can be deployed across a portion of the pool, making setup a breeze! Then, all that is needed is a volleyball! Depending on the height of the net, it might be possible for certain players to spike it! The depth of the water might provide an additional challenge, particularly if the players are not able to stand! Treading water provides another added challenge to this fun swimming pool game!

Light Up Pool Games Are Fun After Dark

It is not unusual for swimming pool parties to last late into the evening, so think about having a few fun swimming pool games to play once the sun goes down! This is where light-up toys are important. One simple game could involve dropping a series of light-up objects in the water and watching them drop to the bottom of the pool. Then, everyone can race to see who can collect the most objects from the bottom! Try to find objects that vary in color and size including diving sticks, border lights, lotus flowers, and more!

Additional Team Games To Choose From For The Pool

Finally, no swimming pool party lasts late into the evening without a little bit of encouragement. For those who know about the game of cornhole, think about finding a version of this game that will work well in the water! Find floating cornhole boards and deploy them in the water! Then, trying to drain a beanbag in the hole, or even getting one to stay on the board, will be a challenge as the board bobs and weaves in the water! There is nothing like the additional challenge of playing cornhole on the water!

Find the Right Swimming Pool Games for the Next Party

These are a few of the most popular swimming pool games of 2020. With so many swimming pool games from which to choose, why not take a look at some of the options and find a few for your next party! At Dunn Rite Pool Products, we have a wide array of choices from which to choose. We would be happy to help you find the right set of swimming pool games for your next party! We are here to help you enjoy your swimming pool!

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