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Swimming Pool Basketball Amazing Dunks and Epic FAILS!

Swimming Pool Basketball Amazing Dunks and Epic FAILS!

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jan 10th 2020

Sometimes the statement "don't try this at home" goes without saying! Dunn Rite's month of Dunn Wrong has another installment of hilarious videos for you to check out. Let's be honest, some of these would be fun to try at home!

Swimming Pool Basketball Trick Shots

Trick shots are awesome, when you make them! Here is the behind the scenes of those trick shots in the making. 

Swimming Pool Basketball Dunks

If you want to try these at home, we suggest a good solid pool basketball hoop that you can have endless fun with. Check out our Regulation Clear Hoop swimming pool basketball hoop for a deck mounted hoop or the Splash and Slam Clear portable swimming pool basketball hoop. 

If you do decide to try these at home, send us the video!

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