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SUP Ball: What Is It?

SUP Ball: What Is It?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Aug 25th 2020

If you are looking for a game that you can play on your inflatable SUP then look no further than SUP Ball. SUP Ball is a game that is a combination of a few different sports including netball, water polo, rugby, and lacrosse. Of course, the entire game is played on SUPs!

SUP Ball takes flat water and turns it into a challenging match. This is an intense game but it can be adapted to be played by players of all levels. Therefore, whether someone is new to the game of SUP Ball or is considered a master, they can enjoy everything that SUP Ball has to offer! This is the most fun that someone can have on an inflatable SUP!

The Match Format

First, it is important to learn the match format of SUP Ball. These matches are played between two separate teams of five. The two teams are facing in opposite directions. There can be a maximum of five subs per team.

In order to score a goal in SUP Ball, the match ball has to strike the goal buoys.

SUP Ball is played in a continuous format. There are two separate 15-minute halves separated by a break that lasts for five minutes.

Of note, there is no out of bounds during a game of SUP Ball. The entire water surface is the field.

The Rules of SUP Ball

There are two very different versions of SUP Ball that you might play. The first is the non-contact version. The second version is the contact version. If you play contact SUP Ball, this will get very intense and you will get wet. In contact SUP Ball, you can tackle or push other players off of their boards, creating an entirely new element of competition.

Once a player comes in possession of the ball, they have to stop paddling. If a player does not have at least half of his or her body on the board, he or she is not in play. He or she must get back on the board before he or she can make contact with the ball. Other players cannot prevent someone from getting back on their board, even in contact SUP Ball.

After a goal has been scored in SUP Ball, the ref should blow the whistle. Then, the team that scored the goal must paddle around their defensive buoy in order to be considered onside once again. Once they do this, the match will resume. Of note, players are not allowed to hug the goal buoy. This is a form of goaltending.

The ref has the right to remove players from the game for the following reasons. These include:

  • Foul play
  • Conduct that is considered unsportsmanlike
  • Use of excessive force
  • Repeated violations of the rules of SUP Ball

Tactics and Strategy in SUP Ball

If you are looking for a few tips that will help you in your next SUP Ball match, a few examples include:

  • You are allowed to play the ball with any part of your body plus your paddle
  • You are allowed to get on someone else’s board during contact SUP Ball and can do this to steal the ball or knock the player off-balance
  • You can advance the ball with short passes to yourself, which might make it faster to travel across the water
  • It is easiest to compete in SUP Ball if you are able to stand up on your SUP during the game
  • It is okay to leave a player back on defense but he or she cannot hug the goal buoy

These are a few tips that should help get you started in SUP Ball.

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