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Stand Up Paddle Boards: Which Is Better Inflatable Vs. Hard SUP?

Stand Up Paddle Boards: Which Is Better Inflatable Vs. Hard SUP?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Oct 16th 2020

Dunn-Rite Pool Products offers a line of inflatable SUP products so you can take your water adventures out of the back yard when you chose. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Board, and the consensus is in: these things are fun! Even toddlers who are directed to sit centered have been able to experience the outdoors in whole new ways with a parent’s aid. People of all ages find the courage to explore and see what their area offers offshore with easy maneuverability and access. These boards are less intrusive to the waters, require zero gas, and put the person in a completely different perspective than they would have in a boat, canoe, or kayak.

If you consider purchasing a SUP, the first question you may have is whether you should get an inflatable SUP vs. a hard or solid SUP. Here are some pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of Inflatable SUPS

  • Lightweight and easy to fit into a compact car or SUV without a roof rack.
  • Last longer than epoxy, the durable material will endure the sport time and time again.
  • Generally more cost-effective than their solid body counterparts.
  • They are reported to hurt less when the paddler falls.
  • After a long time on the water, there is less fatigue on the bottom of the feet.
  • Easier to grip surface, ideal for pets to join.

Cons of Inflatable SUPS

  • May flex in the center if it isn’t fully inflated.
  • Marginally less maneuverable than the hardboard.

Pros of Hard SUPS

  • Easier to maneuver because of the smooth surface (more comparable than a surfboard).
  • No change in performance due to the level of inflation (because it does not inflate).

Cons of Hard SUPS

  • They are reported to be less durable because the hard material will not give.
  • Slippery as compared to most inflatable options.
  • Hard to travel with, you practically have to have a roof rack or pick up truck.
  • Price points are generally higher for an item that may endure less.
  • Harder on the body, according to reports from people who have fallen against them or stood on the hard boards for longer trips.

Generally, many people choose the inflatable SUP because they are just as sturdy and reliable as the hard SUP, while having the benefits of being lighter and easier to travel with. Most reviews report that they choose the inflatable because a hard SUP was simply not an option to fit in their vehicle, but they never look back because of the surprising hardiness. The key factor is storing your sup out of the elements when not in use, and of course, fully inflating it at the beginning of your excursion.

If you are new to SUPs or looking for a group of like-minded people to discuss boards and adventures with or plan meet-ups, check out American Canoe Association. You can find more resources on where to go, competitions, and local groups. There are SUP and pet groups, family SUP trips, and many more. Once you discover that you can venture off the land into the realm of the waters and deeper into the natural wonders off of the beaten track, you will understand all the hype behind the Stand Up Paddle Board culture.

Browse our selection of backyard pool supplies for fun and function and outdoor water adventuring products at Dunn Rite Pool Products. We offer the quality items you need to fuel your adventure at home and in the wild. If you choose a SUP, we would love you to tag us in pictures of your adventures for ideas on more places to bring our SUP.

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