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Quick Fill Portable Electric Pump For SUPs and inflatables

Quick Fill Portable Electric Pump For SUPs and inflatables

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jun 4th 2021

If you don't want to wait for your inflatable SUP or pool toys to fill with a hand pump or by blowing in to them, this 20 PSI electric pump will inflate them fast. Perfect for getting on the water with your inflatable SUP, blowing up an air mattress for camping, or just inflating your massive unicorn pool floatie. No need to waste your precious time anymore, you can just plug this in to your cigarette lighter in your car and go. 

20 PSI Electric Pump

Best Portable Electric Pump       20 PSI Electric Pump for SUPs

If you are looking for a quick-fill air pump for inflating your pool float, air mattresses, inflatable pool boats .etc. TUOMICO electric air pump should be your perfect choice! This powerful air pumps can not only inflate but also deflate items by sucking air out. each inflatable mattress pump comes with 5 nozzles of different size, fit all those standard-sized valves, allow you to inflate and deflate items in short time. small, lightweight and easy to use. save time for the Fun!

Best Electric air Pump For Inflatables

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