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Pool Party Ideas for Everyone

Pool Party Ideas for Everyone

Posted by Dunn Rite on Feb 28th 2020

Are you planning a pool party this summer? Maybe you want to get some pool party decoration ideas that are different from the usual beach themes. Still, a themed social, complete with food, drinks, and cool pool party decorations is always a hit.

Think about all the ways you can incorporate using the swimming pool as your inspiration. This year, try these fun interactive themes that will inspire your pool party decoration ideas for sizzling summer fun.

Nautical and Nice

This summer, throw a nautical themed party. Some pool party decoration ideas for this theme might be navy and white striped napkins, cutouts of anchors, blow up mermaids, and fish netting. Send out nautical themed invitations and ask guests to dress like they're going for a day of boating. Of course, they'll still need to bring their bathing suits.

Attach a cutout of a ship's wheel to the front of a wet bar. Then, set it at one end of the pool for snacks and drinks. Don't forget to wear your captain's hat.

Do you have friends with remote-controlled boats? You could have boat races or an RC boat show with prizes for the winners. Invite anyone on your list who has an RC boat to get in on the action. People who don't have boats can volunteer as judges unless they'd rather sit back and enjoy the show. You could even use a Dunn Rite RC skimmer as a “pace car” that doubles as a quick cleaner while the race is going.

Volleyball Tournament

Why not get in some exercise and a little friendly competition at your pool party? Set up a swimming pool volleyball net and invite your friends over for a pool party volleyball tournament. Your pool party decorations can include a gold medal for the winner. DIY garland from beach balls, use those blowup palm trees from last year's tropical beach pool party, and set up a cute themed wet bar where your guests can get refreshments in between sets.

Game Day

Along the same lines of the volleyball tournament idea, is another, centered around sports. The difference with the game day theme is that it's a free-for-all where your guests can play pool basketball and watch sports television or listen to sports radio. Create a field goal on one end of the pool to play a game of hydro football, too.

Send out your game day, pool party invites, and have your guests wear their favorite team's colors or jerseys. Then decorate the poolside and patio with sports gear—instead of paper lamps, or balloons, drape pairs of cleats and hightops over posts, fences, and wires. Use a wire basket as a gear cage and fill it with waterproof footballs and basketballs.

You can use trading cards as decorations too and transform your table into a football field with a green tablecloth. Of course, you'll have to set up a hot dog cart. Even better? You can use a floating cooler in the pool to keep the beer cold and close at hand.

Your Pool Party Decorations Dunn Rite

If you're planning a pool party this summer, make it memorable with one of these pool party decoration ideas. Your guests will have the time of their lives. And your party will stand out from the usual. Dunn Rite Pool Products has been creating water products since 1983.

From pool basketball units and volleyball units to remote-control boats and skimmers, we have the equipment you need to make the most of your summer fun. Questions? 

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