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Pool Party Crashers!

Pool Party Crashers!

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jun 22nd 2021

From the expected to the absurd, these pool party crashers are sure to make you laugh and look twice! We found some of the funniest videos on YouTube to share with you so you can laugh along with us. Do you have any videos of pool party crashers in your pool? If so, send them to us!

Cats in the Pool?

It's widely believe that cats hate the water, so seeing this cat so content to be in the pool was shocking. Do you have a cat who loves the pool? Bonus points if it shoots baskets on your pool basketball hoop!

Bears as Party Crashers

This little bear looks like he is having the time of his life in the pool. Does he want the raft or the tube? Too many choices, but the tube is fun to play with!

Koala Bear Pool Crasher

This koala bear didn't quite get the courage to jump in the swimming pool, but he was sure the star of this video. Have you ever seen a koala like this? We think he wants

Elephants Crashing Pool Parties?

We've never seen an elephant crashing a pool party, but here he is! I guess the good news here is that the elephant didn't spill their beers! Side note, this pool was not a chlorinated pool, so no harm to the elephant.

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