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Pool Game for Kids

Pool Game for Kids

Posted by Dunn-Rite Products on May 30th 2019

If you are having a pool party, or just entertaining the kids in your neighborhood this summer, swimming pool games are a fun way to keep the kids engaged and laughing all summer long. Plus, they are a great way for adults to bond with their kids if they take part in them as well. Pool games might involve just a few kids or an entire team, depending on how elaborate the game is.

Pool Games for Kids


Pool Volleyball - Pool Games for Kids

Purchase a  swimming pool volleyball unit and watch your kids have a blast this summer! The rules are the same are regular volleyball, the setting has just moved to the pool!


You can choose either a  portable or deck mounted basketball hoop for your pool, and the kids can play a fun game of basketball. Playing in the pool adds to the challenge!

Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag is similar to regular tag, with just a few changes. The first child who is chosen as “it” will be at one end, with the rest of the kids at the other. When someone says “Go!” all the kids need to get to base, the other end of the pool. When the child who is “it” tags someone, the tagged child will also become “it”, and the two kids will join hands to tag more children. The one person who is left is the winner.

Hit the Bobbing Head

In this game, one player will stand in the middle of the pool holding a soft ball. The other players will stay underwater and each time they bob their heads up, the person who is in the middle of the pool will throw the soft ball at their head. If they are hit, they are now “it”.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo - pool games for kids

Most kids know this game. One person is blindfolded (or they can simply close their eyes). He or she calls out “Marco!” and the other children respond with “Polo!” The child who is blindfolded will try to tag the other kids by following their voices. If a child is tagged, he or she becomes “it”.

Treasure Hunt

The adults will place or hide items on the bottom of the pool—trinkets, small toys, etc. The kids have to grab these and bring them to the surface. The child who retrieves the most items wins.


One child is chosen as the shark. He or she will stand at the end of the pool, facing away from the other children. The other kids will start at the other end of the pool and swim toward the shark; when the shark turns around, they must freeze. If they do not stop moving, they are out, but if a child touches the shark, he or she wins.

Freeze Tag

This is similar to regular Freeze Tag, with one twist. One person is “it” and each time they touch someone in the water, that child must freeze, until someone who is not “it” unfreezes them. However, if a child goes underwater, they cannot be tagged, or frozen.

Raft Battles

Kids will sit on inflatable rafts all over the pool. The objective is to bump into other rafts and upend them, tossing the other players into the pool.

Underwater Races

Underwater Races - Kids pool games

All children start at one end of the pool. When someone says “Go!” all the kids hold their breath and swim underwater. The one who goes the farthest wins.

Tug of War

Throw a rope in the water and allow the kids to divide into two teams. Each team pulls until they pull the other team across the center line. These games will make summer fun! Try these pool games for kids this summer in your pool to keep the kids entertained.

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