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Pool Day Checklist

Pool Day Checklist

Posted by Dunn-Rite Products on May 28th 2019

Summer days often mean a trip to the pool—maybe the one in your backyard, the neighborhood pool, or a friend’s. No matter where you’re heading, it’s important to check your pool day list, and check it twice, because few things are as frustrating as heading off to the pool only to find that a few of your essentials didn’t make the trip with you. Here are just a few things you will need to make your day at the pool a great one.

Pool Day Checklist

Beach Bags

Make sure you have a large, sturdy, waterproof bag to hold all your supplies. You don’t want to use plastic bags for your wet items, a large waterproof beach bag is the way to go. Plus, a large bag with plenty of pockets will give you room for everything your family wants to bring along.

Beach Towels

Remember to bring your beach towels! And bring extras to line your beach bag with. If you put them at the bottom of your bag, they’ll absorb any water that might leak on the way home, or on the way there.


Water - Pool Day Checklist

Make sure to have lots of drinking water on hand. Whether you’re heading to someone else’s pool or your backyard pool, having plenty of water on hand is important. Have a cooler full of water to keep the kids from running in and out of the house to retrieve water—and if you’re at the neighborhood pool, having your own water will keep you from spending money at the snack bar.


Have healthy snacks on hand for hunger pains. Bring chips, crackers, carrots, as well as sandwiches if you’ll be gone all day. And don’t forget paper towels or napkins.


Sunscreen is the most important thing on your list. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that will block both UVA and UVB rays. Remember, you will need to reapply if you get wet or sweat. Even if you don’t get wet, you should still reapply every few hours.


Sunglasses - Pool Day Checklist

Don’t squint all day! Sunglasses will save your eyesight and keep you from developing wrinkles. Find a pair of sunglasses that, like the sunscreen, block both UVA and UVB rays.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - Pool Day Checklist

Pack a first aid kit in case of scrapes. Make sure to pack band-aids and antiseptic.

Extra Clothes

If you are heading to someone else’s pool, bring a change of clothes in case the ones your family are wearing get wet. This will make the ride home a lot more comfortable.

Umbrella and Chairs

Bring along a portable umbrella to give you some extra sun protection. Plus, a couple of comfy chairs will help if you aren’t sure there will be enough chairs to go around at the neighborhood pool.

Pool Toys

If you have kids, make sure to bring along some pool toys to keep them entertained. Rafts, blow up pool toys, even a pool basketball hoop and ball will make for an entertaining afternoon. You may want to consider additional entertainment, too, because no everyone will want to spend the day in the pool. Books, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and other easily packed brain games will keep everyone entertained and engaged throughout the day.

Pool Shoes

Remember to pack pool shoes—shoes that can either get wet or some flip-flops that slip on and off easily. No one wants to have to slip on socks and lace-up shoes at the end of the day, especially when feet are wet. Check this list and check it twice before you head off to the pool this summer to make sure you have everything you need for a stress-free day!

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