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Can I Leave My Stand Up Paddleboard Inflated?

Can I Leave My Stand Up Paddleboard Inflated?

Posted by Dunn Rite Products on Nov 22nd 2019

Can I Leave My Stand Up Paddleboard Inflated?

Although high-quality inflatable paddleboards are remarkably durable, proper storage is critical to protect your investment. It’s all too easy to come home exhausted from a day on the water and just plop your iSUP anywhere it happens to land without thinking about increasing its longevity.

Your life is likely busy, but taking a few minutes to properly store your iSUP will pay off in the long run. So, how do you store your inflatable paddleboard and is keeping it inflated OK? What follows should help.

Can You Keep an Inflatable Paddleboard Inflated While  Storing It?

Keeping your  inflatable paddleboard inflated during storage is fine. Just be sure to keep your SUP out of the elements when storing it. Leaving it fully inflated in direct sunlight and out of the water could cause your paddleboard to burst. Also, leaving your paddleboard outside will diminish the lifespan you could have enjoyed from your watercraft.

Rinse your SUP with water after each use and let it dry outside. This is especially important if you typically paddleboard in salt water. Because of the corrosive properties of salt water, cleaning your SUP after each use will significantly prolong its life. Freshwater use will allow for more flexibility if you don't clean your SUP after every use.

If you need a little extra cleaning power, using natural soap with water will work fine. There also are a variety of products you can use to protect your SUP from UV rays. Products are on the market to use for removing stains from your paddleboard too.

Once your SUP is properly cleaned, promptly bring it indoors. So long as you store the paddleboard indoors away from extreme temperatures, your SUP will stay in top working shape. You want cool indoor temps so your paddleboard doesn't expand (if kept inflated). You also want dry conditions to prevent mildew or mold.

Inflatable paddleboard

Consider Occasionally Deflating Your Inflatable  Paddleboard.

Having said that, it’s smart to periodically deflate your inflatable paddleboard. That's a lot of pressure in your watercraft over time if you don't. By occasionally relieving that pressure, it should be fine.

One way to do this is to keep your iSUP inflated when stored during high-use times of the year for the sake of convenience. Although you want to be sure there are no leaks in your inflatable paddleboard before going on the water, minor loss of air while in storage is pretty normal. If you plan to leave your inflatable paddleboard inflated for extended days, be sure to check it each time before use to be sure it’s at optimal pressure levels.

If you expect a stretch of weeks or months when you won't be using your SUP, consider letting some of the air out of it. During those lesser used times of the year, you can also remove the  leash and fins from your inflatable paddleboard, roll it up and place it in your storage bag. You'll want to make sure the paddleboard was rinsed clean with fresh water and is completely dry. Doing these 2 quick things before storing will help to avoid issues with mold or damage from contaminants.

Some Wear and Tear is Normal with an Inflatable Paddleboard

Lets face it, your iSUP isn't a museum artifact. It will eventually develop some "battle scars" such as scratches or discoloring. You can wear those imperfections proudly knowing the memories and adventures you created on your paddleboard were well worth those dings.

At the same time, taking some minor steps can help you get the most out of your inflatable paddleboard. Do your best to avoid dropping it on the ground, putting pressure on the board when your fin is on land and refrain from dragging it over rough surfaces such as gravel or asphalt. Also, be careful not to lay your inflatable paddleboard on hot surfaces such as parking lots or sand.

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