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Best Places to SUP in Colorado

Best Places to SUP in Colorado

Posted by Dunn Rite on Apr 9th 2021

When people think about Colorado, they usually think about winter weather activities. Even though Colorado is a great place to go skiing and snowboarding, Colorado is also a fun place for summer aquatic activities, including fun and adventure on your inflatable SUP. Colorado has some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. Furthermore, there are plenty of places to get wet as well! There is so much water in Colorado that many ask where some of the top locations you should SUP are located? Take a look at the list of the best Colorado SUP locations below!

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Stand-Up Paddleboard Big Soda Lake

If you are coming from Denver, then you will want to check out big soda Lake. Only 20 minutes away by car, this is a popular location for everyone who is looking to get away from the city during the summer. There are numerous locations to rent equipment if you do not have any. It can be busy during holidays during the summer, so keep this in mind. Depending on what part of the park you are checking out, there may also be an entry fee.

SUP Grand Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Grand Lake is located in Rocky Mountain National Park, and it lives up to every bit of its name. It has more than 500 acres of water on the surface, making this a great location for all sorts of water activities, including SUP. When you are tired of the water, which may take a little while, there is also a beautiful town nearby. Therefore, you can check out the shopping and dining options as well. There is a beautiful beach where you can kick back and relax, working on your tan! This is a great place to bring the entire family.

Go On a SUP Adenture at Vallecito Lake

Vallecito Lake is a stunning location only 18 miles from Durango. It also sits in a gorgeous Valley that has some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Furthermore, this is close to 8000 feet above sea level. Across the entire state, this is the largest body of water that sits at this elevation. If you are looking for a quiet place to go stand-up paddleboarding, this is the answer. There are only three hundred people who live here throughout the entire year. Therefore, you can relax on the water and even take advantage of an opportunity to go fishing!

SUP Dillon Reservoir

Dillon Reservoir is located in Summit County. It is more than 3,300 acres in size and has 27 miles of beautiful shoreline. Even though you may want to bring your own inflatable SUP, you can also rent them from the nearby marina. There are several cafes, bars, and restaurants. Even though this area can get a bit busy during the summer, it is certainly worth braving the crowds to take in this area’s beautiful scenery.

Lake San Cristobal Stand Up Paddleboard Fun

Finally, remember to check out Lake San Cristobal, which is the second-largest natural lake in Colorado. Lake San Cristobal waters can be a bit cold; however, they are also extremely calm. Therefore, this is an excellent spot for people who are just getting used to the sport. If you'd like to go fishing, this is the lake for you. There are numerous types of trout who live in the lake, so be sure to bring your bait and tackle box! If you would like to spend some additional time in this tranquil location, there is a campground nearby. You can spend a few days checking out the local Wildlife as well.

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If you would like to take advantage of everything Colorado has to offer with your inflatable SUP, you need to have the right equipment. For example, you may be looking for a reliable, durable, inflatable SUP. An inflatable stand-up paddleboard can stand up to all of your water adventures. Investing in the right high-quality SUP Equipment will allow you to get the most out of Colorado! Get ready to explore the natural features of this beautiful state the right way! 

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