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Best places to paddleboard in the US

Best places to paddleboard in the US

Posted by Dunn Rite Products on Apr 24th 2020

Paddleboarding is quickly taking over the sports horizon as one of the best things to do. There really is nothing that is more peaceful and enlightening than slowly paddling yourself across the quiet waters. Paddleboarding has become the perfect and peaceful way to explore some of the greatest places in the United States. If you are looking for the best places to paddleboard in the United States, then you have to check out these tranquil places.

Best Paddleboarding Places in the Country

Merritt Island, Florida

Merritt Island, Florida

This place is ideal for paddleboarding. After the sun goes down make your way up the Banana River. You will see glow-in-the dark life forms being stirred up in your wake. As you paddleboard the area you are bound to see manatees, pelicans and a wide variety of fish. Enjoy the peaceful experience as you pass large homes built right on the water. Each with its own elegance to enjoy.

Lake Powell, Arizona

SUP Lake Powell, Arizona"

It is here that you will find 96 different red-rock canyons ready for your exploration. Lake Powell is the second largest lake in the United States. You can easily get lost in the exploration of this place. Pack a lunch and head out to find the perfect place to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. You will want to take pictures to remember your time in this peaceful area.

Bridgton, Maine

SUP Bridgton ME

Back in the hill country of Maine is Moose Pond. The weather can turn cold in the winter but during the other three seasons paddleboarding is a delight. Enjoy the scenery in the fall as the trees change into the bright colors of the rainbow. Take time to beach your board and take a swim along the ponds coastline. Many paddleboarders are discovering Moose Pond to be a great place to get in touch with nature on their board.

Naples, Florida

SUP - Naples Florida

Naples is known for its beautiful sunsets and white sand beaches. It is here that paddleboarders can enter into the 10,000 islands that make up the massive mangrove habitat. Here you will find a private beach to walk along and collect the many shells that color the landscape. You can also enjoy the scenery with a wide array of birds to watch. You will be hard-pressed to see another human for miles around. Maybe you will get lucky and see a manatee in its wild habitat. 

Hood River, Oregon

SUP - Hood River, Oregon

It is here that peace meets fun. The river offers a lot of different environments for paddleboarders to enjoy. Beginners can seek out the calm waters while more experienced paddlers can explore is massive coastline. You will feel like a part of nature as your work your way through the terrain. Enjoy the challenge of rapids as you traverse this tranquil river. 

Anchorage, Alaska

SUP Wasilla Lake Anchorage Alaska"

Most people think that paddleboarding can only be done where it is warm but that is far from the truth. Paddleboarding is taking over the northern states. Alaska has a wide range of waterways that are perfect for paddleboarding. Head over to Wasilla Lake located in the scenic Matanuska Valley. Here you will find calm conditions and endless picture taking scenery.

The Keys of Florida

Florida Keys SUP

Blue water meets endless fun. Boaters come to this place for the vast enjoyment of fishing and scuba diving. Paddleboarders come here to enjoy the clear waters and warm sun. You will an endless array of paddleboarding spots as the entire area has much to offer. You will see manatees, sting rays mangroves and a whole host of underwater life found nowhere else in the world.

Black Canyon, Nevada

Black Canyon, Nevada SUP

The Colorado River is the ultimate place for Paddleboarding. The scenery is always changing. For people that practice yoga on their boards they will find that it is the most peaceful place in the country. Head over to the Hoover Dam to see on of mankind's greatest achievements.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is quickly become a popular sport for a lot of reasons. There are endless places that you can explore throughout the United States. It is time to see the country one waterway at a time.

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