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An Overview of Swimming Pool Maintenance

An Overview of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Posted by Dunn Rite on Mar 13th 2020

A pool is a popular addition to numerous homes and apartment complexes. When the weather heats up, it is always great to have a place to cool off. Furthermore, pools are beautiful to look at and are a great place to socialize. Those who have installed a pool in their backyard also know that this comes with a few major responsibilities. One of these has to do with maintenance. When it comes to the maintenance of a pool, there are a few points that everyone should know.

How is a Pool Maintained?

In general, the purpose of pool maintenance is to keep it safe for use while extending its longevity. In order to accomplish this task, there are a few important categories. The first has to do with the water. The water of the pool needs to be safe for use. This means that it needs to have a sanitation level that will kill bacteria and viruses. This will keep people who use the pool from getting an infection. The other part of pool maintenance has to do with the structure. The structure of the pool needs to be kept clean and safe. This will prevent cracks from developing in the foundation of the pool.

What Chemicals are Required for Pool Maintenance?

When someone is maintaining the water, there are two broad ways that the water can be kept clean. The first method involves traditional chlorine. If someone is trying to sanitize the water by adding chlorine directly to it, then chlorine is required along with a pH indicator. The pH is used to indicate the chlorine level (or bromine if someone is going with an alternative). There is also a chemical used to measure the alkalinity of the water. All of this is necessary for making sure the pool is safe to use.

Should a Professional Service be Hired?

One of the most common questions people ask about the maintenance of a pool is whether or not they should hire a professional service. This is a personal question; however, there are a few factors to consider. Some people are too busy to take care of their pools. In this case, it is better to hire someone else to accomplish this task. Other people may think their time is more valuable than what they would pay a pool maintenance crew. This is another good reason to hire a professional service. Finally, other people might not be present often enough at the property to take care of the pool. This is another good reason to hire a professional service.

Are There Seasonal Differences in Pool Maintenance?

There are seasonal differences in pool maintenance only if someone winterizes the pool during the cooler months. If the pool is not heated, then when the temperature drops, it is unlikely to be used for several months. When someone is going to winterize his or her pool, there are a few tasks. First, the chemical balance of the water needs to be altered. This is important for keeping the water safe and also for preventing it from freezing. This is the other important point of winterizing a pool. If the water freezes, then it expands. This will damage the structure of the pool. This must be avoided through proper maintenance.

Does the Type of Pool Matter?

The type of pool is going to influence the way someone takes care of it. For example, a vinyl liner requires more upkeep than a concrete structure. Mold sticks to vinyl and forms more quickly than it does concrete. Furthermore, if someone uses a saltwater chlorinator to sterilize the pool, this is going to require less upkeep than the traditional chlorine method. Make sure the right method is being used to take care of the pool.

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