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Above Ground Vs Below Ground Pools

Above Ground Vs Below Ground Pools

Posted by Dunn Rite on May 1st 2020

Homeowners across the country make decisions regarding their properties all the time, and one of them is deciding the kind of pool they'll purchase. They add a unique element to your backyard that provides entertainment for your family for years to come. When choosing between an above ground pool or below ground one, any prospective buyer can carefully consider different factors so they can make the best choice.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool Cost Comparison?

When comparing the price between the two, below ground, or called in-ground, pools will be more of an investment. Above ground pools can range anywhere from $3k to $12K that typically doesn't include a deck. Comparatively, below ground pools have a wide range of possible costs with an average of $30-50K, and they are constructed with fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl. Below ground pools, although more expensive, add value to your property and are seen as an attractive feature for any property if properly maintained.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool How Long Will They Last?

Above ground pools won't last as long, as the structure isn't nearly as stable as a below ground one. You can expect an above ground pool about 7-12 years, but the liners also need to be replaced every five years or so. Longevity is the main reason homeowners opt for a below ground pool. They can last decades if you take care of them.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool: Maintenance Requirements?

Since it is smaller, an above ground pool can be a little easier to maintain. However, the above ground option is more likely to have damage from harsh weather elements. Depending on the type of material you choose for a below ground pool, regular maintenance is required, such as:

  • Concrete pools need to be resurfaced about every ten to fifteen years.
  • A vinyl structure is built to last, yet the liner itself needs to be replaced every five to ten years.
  • Fiberglass usually lasts around 20 years before you need to do anything.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool Are There Customization Options?

Above ground pools have a decent selection of sizes and shapes, but they lack the same design qualities of a below ground pool. However, you can improve the look of an above ground one with a well-designed exterior and landscaping. Below ground pools have an advantage in terms of custom options. Even if you choose a pre-constructed shell from fiberglass, a myriad of options are available. A pool made with concrete can take on virtually any shape you want, and they have add-on capabilities like diving boards or a spa that an above ground pool can't provide. When it comes to size, they can both provide ample space for some paddleboards or even a game of pool volleyball.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool: The Installation Process?

If you are relatively handy, an above ground pool isn't overly complicated to install because they are generally put together using a kit. Many businesses will put your pool together, contingent upon your purchase. Comparatively, below ground pools involve excavation and can have your backyard under construction for a few weeks. Unless you're already a pool contractor, an in-ground pool is installed with a professional company. You will need to wait longer to enjoy the benefits of a below ground pool, but it will be worth it.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool and Property Values 

Above ground pools aren't usually seen as an item that adds value to a property. If you live in a warm area where in-ground pools are more common, an above ground pool could reduce your home's value. Below ground pools will require more of an upfront investment, but their value won't depreciate as long as you stay consistent with the upkeep.

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Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool: There are Fun Options for Each

Regardless of what kind of pool you choose to install, there is fun to be had in each. You can add a pool basketball hoop or swimming pool volleyball unit to either and enjoy endless fun with friends and family.

Above Ground Pool VS Below Ground Pool: The Final Decision

If you're thinking about having a pool on your property, these are a few of the considerations you should think about before you dive in. Any pool can offer entertainment and memories for a family. Thinking about long-term sustainability, budget considerations, and value to your property are all important when you're choosing what kind of pool you want to purchase. 

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