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10 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

10 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jun 9th 2022

Safety must be at the top of the priority list if you have a swimming pool on your property. Take a look at some of the most important tips to protect yourself and others during your next trip to the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 1: Never Swim Alone

First, you need to ensure that you do not swim by yourself. Even though you may be a strong swimmer, you never know what will happen. You could cramp up, pass out, or get hurt. When this happens, you may have difficulty staying afloat, and you will need someone to help you. Never swim alone. Always have people around you.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 2: Do Not Dive Head-First

Do not dive head-first. It is unusual to find a deep enough pool to dive safely, and unless you are a competitive swimmer or diver, you should not dive into a typical community pool. You can suffer a severe injury if you hit your head on the bottom.

Splash and Slam

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 3: Avoid Pool Drains

Many people, especially kids, are attracted to pool drains because they look interesting at the bottom of the pool. Remember that these drains are sucking water into the filter, and you do not want to get your bathing suit sucked into the drain. Otherwise, you might get stuck. Stay away from pool drains.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 4: Know Where the Lifesavers Are

When you arrive at the pool, you need to know exactly where the lifesavers are. You never know when someone might need help, and you need to have something you can throw to them quickly. If you are unsure where the life preserver is, ask the lifeguard. If there is no lifeguard on duty, you may want to bring a life preserver yourself.


Swimming Pool Safety Tip 5: Anchor the Pool Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Net

Pool basketball and volleyball are great ways to have a good time at the pool, but you need to anchor the basketball hoop and volleyball net. There might be a compartment you can fill with sand or water to prevent them from falling into the pool. You do not want them to land on anybody if the equipment falls into the water.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 6: No Running

Don't run on the pool deck, even though you've probably heard this a thousand times before. The pool deck is slick and very easy to slip and fall. If there is algae on the pool deck, try to remove it. It is a common trip hazard.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 7: Don’t Play Breath-Holding Games

Lots of people, particularly children, like to have a contest to see how long they can hold their breath underwater. This can be incredibly risky, and you do not want someone to get sick or injured. Furthermore, you could fool someone into thinking someone is drowning. Do not play breath-holding games at the pool unless the guidelines are clearly set and a responsible adult observes for safety.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 8: Reapply Sunscreen Often

Sun safety is a critical part of swimming pool safety. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you go to the pool. Then, do not forget to reapply sunscreen every few hours. You do not want to get sunburned. The long-term effects of sunburns are only recently coming to light, and skin cancer is not worth the risks in trying to get a tan.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 9: Bring Plenty of Water

Finally, bring plenty of water with you when you go to the pool. Because you are wet, you may not realize just how much you are sweating, but you can get dehydrated very quickly. Bring plenty of water to prevent people from getting dehydrated.

Swimming Pool Safety Tip 10: Have Fun!

OK, this isn’t a safety tip, but having fun is the whole point, so we had to add it in! A day in the water playing pool basketball or pool volleyball is the picture of perfection for many of us during the summer; follow these safety tips and have a great time!

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