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Make Your Summer a Slam Dunk with Pool Basketball

Jun 4th 2018

Nothing says summer fun like a sport that combines the cool, refreshing environment of a crystal-clear pool with the high-energy game play of basketball. Plus, pool basketball is a great way to e …

Perfect Planter Pot

May 16th 2018

If you currently have houseplants, or have ever had them in the past, you know that they can bring a lot of peace, calm, and relaxation to your environment. Some plants, however can require a lot o …

A Guide to Choosing Swimming Pool Basketball Games

Dec 24th 2017

Whether you’re accessorizing the pool for the kids or you’re looking for ways to add the fun factor to your next pool party, one thing’s for sure, swimming pool basketball games are a must-have.But wi …

3 Fun (and Highly Competitive) Pool Games

Dec 24th 2017

When you’ve got a pool, one of the best things about it is the vast array of activities you and the kids can enjoy. But even though playing underwater games, swimming, and relaxing on inflatables is a …

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