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Can Swimming Pools Go Chemical Free?

Can Swimming Pools Go Chemical Free?

Posted by Dunn Rite on Jul 24th 2020

In today's world in which many people choose to live an organic lifestyle for foods they eat and grooming products they use, a common question for pool owners is to ask whether the pool can remain chemical free. It's a sensible question to ask. After all, you can swim in a lake, river, or the ocean and they are chemical free, assuming a lack of pollution. The fact is, such bodies of water are much larger and automatically flush themselves out rather than allowing bacteria or algae to build up. Swimming pools are different in that they are contained with the same water remaining in them throughout the year.

Why Swimming Pools Need Chemicals

The chemical used in pools is chlorine, or perhaps a chlorine substitute designed specifically for pools. Whichever product you decide to use, its purpose is to keep the water sanitized. Bacteria and algae grow in standing water, which cause it to not just look bad but can also spread disease to swimmers. In a bad scenario if the pool is left uncleaned for extended periods, algae can attract insects, especially mosquitoes, and eventually draw frogs, lizards, or snakes. Once it gets to that point, there's likely to be further damage to the pumps and filters which require extensive and expensive repairs to bring the pool back into usable condition. It's also likely to attract rodents and wild animals who view it as a source for water and food.

Means of Using Fewer Chemicals in Your Swimming Pool

Once it's understood that chlorine is required to keep the pool sanitized, there are a few other considerations. By following the instructions provided when the pool was installed and which come with the cleaning supplies, chlorine remains at a safe enough level not to worry about as a chemical to swim in. If you find yourself especially sensitive to chlorine, there are ways to use less of the chemical and maintain a pool which is safe to swim in.

Simply maintaining a strict regimen of physically cleaning debris from the pool with a pool net is helpful, but not enough to assure sanitary safety. A great pump and filtration system will allow minimum recommended use of chemicals, but is still not enough to go chemical free. There are systems available which utilize UV light to clean the water. Such systems will allow you to use less chlorine, but not go completely chemical free.

A method some pool owners use is to schedule the days they plan to use the pool, and use extra chemicals in the water on days off to assure the water is sanitized, then swim after the chemicals evaporate before the water becomes contaminated. Such a system is sketchy at best, as outdoor temperature fluctuations make it impossible to know the exact rate of chemical dissipation and without a science lab it's impossible to know when bacteria have reached unsafe levels.

What Can Happen from Swimming in an Unclean Pool

The fact is, skipping a pool cleaning is not going to cause the pool water to immediately become too polluted to swim in, and even if the water has taken a green tint from algae the water isn't going to be deadly, especially if you bathe immediately after swimming. The important thing to remember is while swimming, although you aren't going to intentionally swallow the water, it does get in you mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Such a reminder should convince any reasonable person of the need for chlorine and sanitation.

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